A pizza oven makes a great gift idea

Uuni 3
Igneus Bambino pizza oven

Be it a Christmas gift for the one you love, a Wedding present to your special friends from a group of you, or a Birthday gift to your husband or wife, when you’re looking to buy a special gift, a pizza oven from the pizza oven shop is a very original way of acknowledging your friendship.

Our experience tells us that a pizza oven is a very unique present; one which will almost always be acknowledged as a really thoughtful gift; one which will be used and loved by the recipient…..we have sold many ovens to people as gifts for other people ranging from Wedding presents to Birthday or even Father’s day gifts….and they always seem to have been very well received!

Our shop sells a range of affordable pizza ovens with prices starting at an amazing £199 for the multi-award winning New Uuni Model….up to £679 for an Igneus pizza oven which will cook 2 large pizzas at once, yet it will still fit into the boot of your car….and we have some fantastic value-for-money packages which are designed to save you money whilst offering a range of essential accessories as part of the deal.

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Uuni Pro Pizza Oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven in red