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Designed in the UK, the amazing Firepod pizza oven is ultra portable and it looks amazing with its retro styling and funky colours.

This is pizza cooking at its most convenient, as the Firepod can easily be moved around and it runs on bottled gas, so it is clean, efficient and economical to run. It has an innovative pizza stone system, which has been developed to provide maximum results when cooking pizzas. It will reach a cooking temperature of 600ºF  (perfect pizza temperature) in around 10 minutes and will cook a dinner plate pizza with delicious crispy base in roughly 3 minutes.

But the Firepod’s talents don’t stop there. Because of its innovative design, it can also be turned into a fantastic multi-cooking system, which is perfect for anyone looking for a very flexible all round piece of kit. By buying the Firepod pizza oven complete set at £745, you will also receive the Firepod griddle system and the Firepod hot lava stone cooking system. The griddle system has a ridged cast iron cooking plate which is perfect for any bbq foods such as burgers, sausages etc, but if you turn it over, the smooth surface is equally adept for making pancakes, frying eggs, etc. the hot lava stone cooking system allows you to pre-heat the lava stone and then transfer it to the table on a wooden platter for everyone to cook their food (steak, fish, vegetables etc) as and when they wish.

Because the Firepod comes with two stands all as part of the basic bundle, it is ideal for use at home (in the garden or on a balcony), and as a portable cooking system (perfect for camping, caravan and camper van enthusiasts). The four-legged worktop-height stand (called the Quadpod) is made of oak and is ideal for use in the garden or on a balcony. But, if you’re looking to take your Firepod on holiday with you, simply screw in the short legs, to make your Firepod truly portable!

Because the Firepod doesn’t just cook pizzas, it’s an incredibly versatile cooking system. Simply swap the pizza stones with the Firepod griddle or lava stone (if you buy the complete set) using the Firepod gloves which also come with the oven. This means you have the ability to cook almost anything, anywhere. Whether its Breakfast, lunch or dinner; the Firepod has it covered. Use it at home, then take it with you on that camping/cravanning trip to help feed the hungry children. It’s even perfect to use on a boat when out on the water, so you can literally enjoy a fresh stone baked pizza and a nice glass of wine, wherever you are!

In short, the Firepod can cook anything, anywhere. It’s the ultimate pizza oven which allows you to do so much more!

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Firepod BBQ Griddle Set

As part of the complete set, the Firepod’s reversible griddle has a ridged side and a flat skillet side. The ridged side is perfect for cooking BBQ foods as it has a trough to catch the excess fat. To empty the trough, use the specially supplied Firepod heat-resistant gloves. The flat side of the griddle is perfect for cooking food such as bacon, eggs, pancakes etc. The griddle is made of cast iron and has stainless-steel handles on both sides, which double as a stand underneath enabling you to safely place the griddle on the ground if needed.

Your Firepod griddle comes with a set of BBQ tools in a smart carrying case.

Firepod Lava Stone Set

The complete set also features the Firepod lava stone set, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of mankind’s oldest cooking methods, brought bang up to date for ease and convenience. Simply heat up the lava stone in your Firepod for about 25 minutes, then use the Firepod special fire-resistant gloves to lift the lava stonr on to your Firepod board and take it to your table for cooking – either inside or out. You and your guests can enjoy sizzling strips of meat, seafood and vegetables; each piece cooked to your own idea of perfection.

Your lava stone also comes with the special Firepod board, 4 dipping bowls, 4 bamboo spatulas and 4 bamboo tongs.

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  • Firepod
  • £495
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  • Weight - 25kg
  • Time up to heat - 10 minutes
  • Includes short and tall stand
  • Accessories - Gloves | Pizza Peel | Pizza Stone | Gas Regulator
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  • Firepod Complete Set
  • £795
  • Info
  • Weight - 25kg
  • Time up to heat - 10 minutes
  • Includes short and tall stand
  • Accessories - Gloves | Pizza Peel | Pizza Stone | Griddle | Lava Stone | Gas Regulator | Cover | BBQ Tools
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