Clementi 80×60 Family Christmas Sale Bundle

£1,691.99 £1,580.00 inc. Vat

The Clementi 80×60 Family Christmas Sale Bundle is the pinnacle in garden pizza ovens. This oven has a premium build quality and functionality at its forefront, with an extremely reasonable price. The 80×60 family will cook 4 12” pizzas at the same time and will be up to pizza making temperature in around 20-25 minutes, which for an oven this size is very fast indeed. With the Clementi patented air flow system, this oven performs with a staggering consistency with the door on or off. The bundle includes the Clementi 3-part tool set, consisting of a 12” pizza peel with long handle, a pizza spinner and a brass bristled brush to move the embers around the oven. This tool set gives you everything you need to be a pro pizza chef! We also include an outdoor cover fabricated exclusively for the pizza oven shop and designed to fit the oven perfectly, so that you can be confident your oven will withstand the elements and look as good as it possibly can. Along with your cover, you will also receive a 3-part cast iron set, a casserole dish with lid, that when removed acts as a fry pan and a skillet pan, the cast iron cookware lets you get the most from your oven by allowing you to cook other things such as casseroles, curries, steaks and roast meats. Finally, we have included a set of heat resistant gloves to make handling the cast iron pans and using your oven safe.


  • Clementi 80×60 Family pizza oven NOTE – THIS OVEN DOES NOT INCLUDE A STAND
  • 3-part tool set
  • Outdoor cover
  • 3-part cast iron set
  • Heat resistant gloves

NOTE – thumbnail images used are for colour reference only – this bundle does not include the stand or the glass door