Clementi 80×60 Pulcinella & free tools and cover SUPER DEAL


The Clementi 80×60 Pulcinella & free tools and cover Bundle gives you all you need to start cooking amazing wood-fired pizzas at home. Get the Clementi pizza peel, embers brush (worth £69) and the full length all weather cover (worth £160) for FREE and save over £229 on RRP!

These beautiful pizza ovens not only look great but also perform incredibly. Typically, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to get a Clementi pizza oven up to cooking temperature.

The internal cooking area in the Clementi pizza oven is lined with high grade fire bricks which retain the heat generated by the fire to give a perfect crispy pizza base. All Clementi pizza ovens have a thermometer, a damper system located on the chimney for temperature control and a solid stainless steel door. They are heavily insulated with 8cm of wool-rock between the cooking chamber and the roof of the oven, and the floor has 2.5cm of ceramic fibre with an additional 3cm of wool-rock sat below the fire bricks. This exceptional level of insulation means that slow cooking is achievable with ease and for prolonged periods in the Clementi.

Clementi pizza ovens can withstand atmospheric conditions including rain and snow and will therefore happily live outside all year round in the UK. Every Clementi pizza oven has the benefit of Clementi’s unique Air Plus System. This patented system allows an even stream of air to flow into the fire, through a series of holes drilled into the inner side wall of the oven. This helps to improve the performance of the oven by giving the user more control during the cooking process, even with the door on.

The superb all weather cover is worth £160, is unique to us and is designed to fit the very popular Clementi 80×60 Pulcinella (with stand) pizza oven. Hand made in the UK by a company who specialise in making covers and canopies for boats, this high quality cover is designed to fit over the oven and stand, so that you can keep everything protected and dry when your oven is not in use. It protects the oven from the elements, and will keep your logs lovely and dry if you use the bottom shelf of the stand as a log store.

To fit it, just remove the chimney and place it inside the oven, then slip the cover over the oven and clip the buckle together at the bottom. Tighten the strap, so that it fits round the base of the oven tightly.


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