Clementi Pulcinella (inc. Stand)

£1,440.00£2,550.00 inc. Vat


The Clementi Pulcinella includes the stand and is perfect for making a statement in your garden. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to 400 C. There are 3 sizes: 60x60cm60x80cm100x80cm (dimensions of cooking area). All sizes will cook more than one pizza at a time in only 90-120 seconds.

  • 60x60cm cooks 2x pizzas
  • 60x80cm cooks 4x pizzas
  • 100x80cm cooks 5x pizzas

The cooking area is comprised of fire bricks which retain the heat from the fire to give a perfectly crisp pizza base. The oven has a thermometer, damper system on the chimney for temperature control, a stainless steel door and unique Air Plus System, which allows an even stream of air to flow into the fire. The oven is insulated with 8cm of wool-rock + 2.5cm of ceramic fibre +  3cm of more wool-rock lines the roof of the pizza oven. This means that slow cooking is achievable with ease in the Clementi.

The Pizza Party stand has 2 wheels that allow you to move the oven around your garden with ease. There is a storage shelf below the oven. Please note this shelf will be attached to the base and not the middle of the stand as the photo’s show. A side shelf is also included and can be attached to either side.


STOCK UPDATE – *This product SELLS VERY QUICKLY, so it is currently out of stock, but we have new stock ordered with the factory in Italy and it is arriving around MID SEPTEMBER, which we are now pre-selling. Given the current global situation, we strongly advise placing your order as soon as possible to ensure you get the oven of your choice as quickly as possible.