Igneus Bambino – Winter Sale Ultimate Bundle

Igneus Bambino – Winter Sale Ultimate Bundle

This superb Igneus Bambino – Winter Sale Ultimate Bundle gives you all the equipment you need to utilise the flexibility of the oven. Much like the Classico, the Bambino will be up to pizza making temperature in around 15 minutes using kindling and will burn 2 small logs every 25 minutes. We recommend that you use very well-seasoned or even better kiln dried hard wood logs to gain the best performance form your oven. The Bambino will cook a large 14” pizza with ease in 80 seconds. Perfect for small family gatherings, the Bambino weighing in at 35kgs will easily sit on a table top, without damaging it due to the insulation and heat retaining fire bricks. Along with amazing pizza, in your Bambino, you will roast, fry and bake using cast iron cookware. By removing the bricks, the Bambino can easily be moved around the garden, or into the garage for storage.

This special WINTER SALE ULTIMATE BUNDLE includes:

  • Igneus Bambino pizza oven
  • Igneus 5 part Pro accessory bundle inc Bambino Pro peel, brush, spinner, dough cutter and rocker cutter
  • Embers Rake
  • All weather outdoor cover
  • 3-part Cast Iron set (skillet, casserole and fry pan lid)
  • Heat resistant gloves


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