Ooni 3 gas burner mega bundle

£316.50 inc. Vat

The Ooni 3 gas burner bundle gives you the convenience of hooking up to a gas bottle and cooking pizza wherever you are. The gas burner performs with superb consistency and can burn for as long as you need, whilst cooking a pizza in around 80 seconds. Along with the gas burner, you also receive an Ooni skillet pan for cooking steaks, chops and sausages these are just some of the things the skillet pan will allow you to cook. For storing the oven and portability, this Ooni bundle comes with a cover/carry bag. The 3 oven legs fold down flat, and the chimney is on a rocker clip so you can remove it and lay it on top of the oven when the oven is in the carry bag. Of course, the Ooni 3 comes with a wood pellet burner as standard if you prefer the taste of wood-fired cooking (but you’ll need to buy some Ooni pellets).

Bundle Includes:

  • Ooni 3 pizza oven
  • Ooni Pizza Peel
  • Ooni 3 Gas Burner
  • Ooni 3 cover/carry bag
  • Ooni Skillet Pan

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