Ooni Pro 16 – Multi Fuel Pizza Oven

£599.00 inc. Vat

The Ooni Pro 16 is a portable multi-fuel pizza oven that will cook your pizza in less than 90 seconds. It only takes 15 minutes for the Ooni Pro 16 to get up to 500˚C.

You can cook using the wood and charcoal burner (supplied as standard), to get that great wood-fired taste. Or if you want ease of use, you can hook your Ooni Pro 16 up using the gas burner or the pellet burner (both available to purchase as separate accessories).

The Ooni Pro 16 also comes with 2x doors:

  • The Ooni Pro 16 Door with Thermometer helps you to check out the oven’s temperature at a glance
  • The Ooni Pro 16 Pizza Door has a ‘letter box’ opening to slide pizzas in and out easily. It’s fully removable too so it’s easy to put in a large piece of meat or bread. (This is the only door to be used with the Gas Burner).

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