The Grizzlepit

£1,247.00 inc. Vat

Ok, we know it’s not a pizza oven, but you can Grill, sizzle, and keep warm with the amazing Grizzlepit. Stylish and multifunctional, this outstanding piece of garden architecture offers the warmth of a firepit and the functionality of a hotplate-come grill. Set a fire in the Grizzlepit and the possibilities of the food you can cook are endless. Within minutes, the four 7mm thick high-grade steel hot plates will be hot enough for you and your friends to gather around the Grizzlepit to keep warm and sizzle meat, vegetables, fish and much more.

What’s more, the stainless steel grill attachment makes the Grizzlepit even more versatile, by giving you the benefit of open campfire style cooking. Place the grill over the opening to grill kebabs, or perhaps boil up some pasta whilst warming up a bolognese in a pan on the hot plates.

The Grizzlepit is made from high grade COR TEN steel, specially developed to produce an oxidised finish, which constantly evolves with the elements.

Available for a limited time at a special introductory price of £1,247 plus delivery.

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