The Ooni pro gas burner mega bundle

£693.50 inc. Vat

The Ooni pro gas burner mega bundle gives you convenience and consistency. The Ooni pro will cook one 16” pizza in around 60 seconds, once up to temperature which will take less than 20 minutes. With the bundle you will also receive a 16” Ooni pro peel, to get your pizza in and out of the oven easily. Along with the essentials, you will receive the Ooni pro casserole dish, this will enable you to get more out of your oven and cook curries, casseroles and much more. The lid of the casserole also doubles up as a fry pan to fry steaks, sausages and vegetables, a very versatile, good quality accessory. Finally, the bundle includes the Ooni pro cover, which will protect your oven from the elements and if you choose to store your oven when you are not using it. The Ooni pro comes with a wood burner as standard, so you can still achieve the authentic wood-fired taste, however, this bundle offers the convenience of the gas burner.


  • Ooni pro oven
  • Ooni pro 16” peel
  • Ooni pro cover
  • Ooni pro Casserole dish
  • Ooni pro Gas Burner

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