Official 10kg Uuni Wood Pellets

£18.50 inc. Vat

These biomass wood pellets burn at very high temperatures in the Uuni 3 and Uuni Pro pizza oven to enable you to cook amazing wood fired, crispy based pizzas in less than 90 seconds. The bags are 10kg in weight and are in stock now! As a guide, 1kg of pellets should cook for around 1 hour and the oven gets up to temperature in roughly 15 minutes maximum.

Additonal Information

  • 6mm diameter
  • 100% Beech
  • Ash content: ≤0.7%
  • Moisture content: <10%
  • Calorific value: 4.8KWhr/kg
  • Store pellets in a warm, dry place (and not a garden shed) – the pellets suck in moisture from the air and this affects their performance.

20 in stock (can be backordered)