Corona Virus causes huge increase in demand for pizza ovens

Our usual service levels  are based around getting a pizza oven to our customers within a few days of ordering, however, as the Corona Virus has meant that most people must stay at home, we have experienced a high level of interest in pizza ovens across all our ranges, which has in turn meant that customers now have to wait longer than normal to receive their ovens.

This is because of the following reasons:

  1. All our suppliers are working under very difficult conditions to build the ovens. They have reduced workforces, working with social distancing measures in place, so production times are taking much longer than normal, and demand is much higher than normal.
  2. Demand for pizza ovens has spiked massively, with more and more people realising that cooking in this way has many benefits. So, even more ovens need to be made by the factories detailed above.
  3. We have regular supplies of ovens arriving, especially across the Igneus and Clementi ranges, however, we are finding that when a lorry load arrives, it is almost certainly already pre-sold, so this is why our website tends to show products as out of stock.
  4. When we finally get your oven into our hands, we then have to book and pack it for delivery. This is done using reduced team sizes with Social Distancing in mind, so it does take longer than normal. Additionally, ovens are sent out in priority order with the customers who have been waiting the longest being our first priority.
  5. Once your oven leaves us, it is sent out to you via the courier networks. these networks are now under immense pressure as there has been an unprecedented increase in items being sent out. As a result all the parcel and pellet networks have stopped guaranteeing specific delivery dates. Additionally, some couriers are limiting the number of ovens we can send out each day, which in turn is slowing us down. So whilst we always book a 24 hour service, we are finding that in most cases an oven can take up to 7 days to arrive with the customer, once it has left our warehouse.

if you choose to order with us, we ask that you remain patient, and accept that your oven will take at least 2-3 weeks to arrive, and in some cases even longer. Whilst you are more than welcome to call us for an update, the more calls we take from customers chasing updates on orders, the fewer ovens we can get sent out, as we are being prevented from concentrating on the important task of booking and packing ovens.

So, in short, please be patient after you have placed your order, and be assured that you will become our priority as soon as we have your oven in our hands.