Pre-order your Uuni 2 pizza oven now!

Order your Uuni 2 pizza oven now for early spring delivery

Whilst the Uuni 2 pizza oven (voted as the Retailer’s Choice Award winner at the 2015 Glee awards in Birmingham) is now fully sold out across the UK, we have more ovens on their way for early Spring which are now available in our shop for our customers to buy on pre-order.

The Uuni 2 delivers a wonderful crispy based 13″ pizza quality pizza once cooked and cooking takes around 90 seconds!

The brand new stock of the Uuni 2 should hopefully be with us by the middle of March 2016, but you can now pre-order yours so that you know that you have got one of the hottest new garden products ahead of the summer months, for just £189!  Click here to pre-order your Uuni 2 now.