Uuni 2 pizza oven – new stock arriving

Award winning design, total portability and amazing pizzas!

If you haven’t yet come across the Uuni 2 pizza oven, then you’re in for a real treat. This Scandinavian designed multi-award winning pizza oven is stylish, efficient, easy to move and superbly built, but the best bit is that it also cooks unbelievably good pizzas in around 90 seconds or less.

The Uuni 2 pizza oven weighs just 9kg and it has retractible legs, so it is totally portable, yet it can easily cook a 13″ pizza in a matter of seconds, whilst only consuming a very small amount of wood pellets.

When we tested the Uuni 2, we were blown away by its brilliance, as it is such a versatile pizza oven and we have a new batch of stock arriving on November 18th. With Christmas just around the corner, the Uuni 2 is the perfect Christmas gift, so don’t hang around if you want to ensure that you secure this amazing product from our limited stocks. Click here to shop for the Uuni 2.