Uuni 3 pizza oven

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Uuni 3 pizza oven
Uuni 3 pizza oven
Uuni 3 pizza oven

Portable, quick, easy to use… Welcome to the Uuni 3 pizza oven

The Uuni 3 pizza oven is the latest incarnation of this astonishingly good portable pizza oven, which will cook a stunning crispy-based pizza in around 60 seconds!

This current model has been updated to include some additional features over previous models, which make this the most advanced Uuni pizza oven ever made. Here are the headlines….

  • It now has an insulated body, which improves heat efficiency. It can reach 500°C (932°F) in just 10 minutes.
  • It has a totally re-designed grate and hopper system, which enables you to control the temperature more easily, whilst delivering a more consistent cooking experience.
  • The chimney now features a new quick release clip system, enabling you to remove the chimney in super-quick time.
  • It now comes with three folding legs rather than four, with wider feet, which make it more stable than ever before on most surfaces, using a simple tripod system.
  • It will be upgradable with the forthcoming Uuni gas burner system, which will enable you to cook an amazing pizza using gas.

As with the previous models, the Uuni 3 pizza oven cooks using bio mass wood pellets (we supply official Uuni wood pellets with our bundles, which are approved for use in your Uuni 3 pizza oven and are extremely efficient, burning at rate of around 1kg per hour) in a hopper at the back of the oven. The innovative flame keeper draws the flames across the front edge of the the pizza to create a fantastic tasting wood fired crispy based pizza in seconds!

What’s included?

It comes with an Uuni pizza peel as part of the kit, as well as a cordierite stone baking board, yet it weighs just over 12kg and packs down easily, so it’s incredibly easy to pack into your car if you’re heading off for a holiday or a family day out.

The Uuni 3 pizza oven is very easy to assemble and should take you around 5 minutes. Getting up to heat takes roughly 10 minutes (to reach 500°C) so its much quicker than a barbecue and because of the removable door, it is extremely versatile; capable of cooking a 12″ pizza as well as other food such as garlic prawns, scallops, steaks, fish, roasted vegetables etc. We offer some fantastic Uuni 3 bundles, which provide you everything you need to get going in a simple ‘one click’ purchase.

The Uuni range is without doubt the best small portable pizza oven range we have ever tested in terms of simplicity, total portability, affordability & ease of use. Over the years Uuni have gained critical acclaim in the UK press including the Sunday Times Style magazine, and the Daily Telegraph ‘A-List’. In fact the Uuni is so good, it has won numerous acollades including ‘Best New Product Award’ at the East London Design Awards 2014 as well as the Glee ‘Retailers’ Choice Award‘ 2015.


All our bundles include UUNI approved pellets

Uuni 3 pizza oven pellet bundle

Includes Uuni 3 pizza oven, pizza peel & 10kg official Uuni pellets

£210 - buy now
uuni 3 cover bundle
Uuni 3 pizza oven cover bundle

Includes Uuni 3 pizza oven, pizza peel, cover/carry bag & 10kg official Uuni pellets

£222 - Buy now
Uuni 3 pizza oven sizzler bundle

Includes Uuni 3 pizza oven, pizza peel, cover/carry bag, sizzler pan & 10kg official Uuni pellets

£236.50 Buy now
Uuni 3 Gas Burner & Cover Bundle

Includes Uuni 3 pizza oven, pizza peel, uuni 3 gas burner and cover/carry bag

£270 buy now

See the Uuni 3 in action...

Uuni 3 pizza oven

500°C in just 10 minutes!

The Uuni 3 is designed for maximum efficiency. It will reach 500°C in 10 minutes, using very little fuel, and will cook an amazing crispy-based pizza in 60 seconds!

Uuni 3 pizza oven pellets

Uni wood pellets

The Uuni 3 is designed to run primarily with approved Uuni wood pellets, however the Uuni gas burner is available if you prefer the conveneice of gas.

Uuni 3 pizza oven cover / bag

Uuni 3 carry bag/cover

The Uuni 3 packs down very small and can be carried using this accessory, which can also be upturned to become a very handy rain cover to protect your Uuni 3!

Uuni 3 pizza oven Sizzler pan

Uuni sizzler pan

With the Uuni sizzler pan accessory, you can unlock a whole new world of cooking on your Uuni 3. Sizzle steaks, cutlets, garlic prawns, scallops, vegetables and more…