Are you looking for an unusual and original Wedding gift?

Then you are definitely in the right place!

Here at The Pizza Oven Shop we have sold many pizza oven and accessory kits to people (or groups of people clubbing together to buy one) who are looking for a wedding gift with a difference, which will be opened with delight by the bride and groom onĀ their wedding day.

New ways of outdoor cooking areĀ becoming very fashionable in the UK as people are realising that there’s more to outdoor entertaining than just draggingĀ out the barbecue and cookingĀ the usualĀ burgers and sausages. A pizza oven provides a fantastic way for the newly weds to cook in their garden or on their balcony. Not only will they be able to cook an amazing stone baked pizza in around 60 seconds, it will also taste every bit as good as one from their favourite Italian restaurant, with wonderful crispy dough and any choice of toppings.

What’s more, their new pizza oven will also cook other things such as spare ribs, chicken wings, fajitas, meatballs, jacket potatoes and so much more….we have even cooked scones in one (and they only took 4 minutes)! All ourĀ ovens take 10-15Ā minutes to get up to temperature, so they are both efficient and fast.

To find out more about how good our amazing pizza oven and accessory kits are as wedding gifts.