Pizza Oven Accessories

No matter which pizza oven you own, there are some essential accessories that you will need to get going. A must is a pizza peel. Peels allow you to place the pizza in and out of your oven. For safety you will need some heat-resistant gloves. You will also need a rake / brush if your pizza oven is wood fired. This lets you safely move the wood/ embers.

Gozney Balance Placement Peel - pizza making machine

Pizza Peels

These are an absolutely essential tool for anyone with a pizza oven and are used to place your pizza into and out of the oven safely. You can also buy a turning peel which allows you to easily spin the pizza whilst it cooks.

We sell pizza peels from: Gozney, Ooni, Igneus and Clementi. Most peels are 12″ as standard. However we do stock some 14″ and 16″ peels as well.

Igneus Pro Pizza Oven Brush

Rakes / Brushes

Most wood fired pizza ovens require the wood to burn in the centre of the oven whilst getting the oven up to cooking temperature. The wood is then moved to the back or side depending on the oven.

To move the wood to the back, an Embers Rake is ideal. If you are moving the wood to the side then the Igneus Pro Brush is ideal to use.

Igneus 3 part cast iron pan set


Cast Iron is the ideal material for use in a pizza oven, as it heats up quickly, holds its heat and is able to withstand the high temperatures generated in a good quality pizza oven.

We sell a range of cast iron cookware.

  • The 2 part cast iron pan set includes a small frying pan & ridged skillet pan.
  • The 3 part cast iron set includes a large casserole dish, frying pan (doubles as casserole lid) and a ridged skillet pan.
  • The Tuscan Grill enables you to char-grill food within your oven. We also have a sizzle dish available.


We sell covers for most of the pizza ovens we stock. All of our pizza ovens can be used outdoors, so a cover will help protect it from the elements. All of our high quality covers are fully waterproof and will keep your oven in tip-top condition. 

Our smaller ovens are portable and so the cover doubles as a carry case, which makes transporting your pizza oven so much easier.

Igneus Pro 750 wood fired pizza oven on stand


The stands we sell are designed to provide a stable platform for your oven. Allowing you to cook delicious pizzas with ease. Made from high-quality materials, they are built to last.

Stands are available for Ooni, Igneus, Gozney, Clementi, Igneus Ceramiko and Inferno pizza ovens.

Gozney Dough Tray

Dough Containers / Food Prep

Our food prep accessories, such as dough proving containers and prep boards, are essential tools for creating delicious meals with ease and efficiency.

If you would like some help / advice with choosing the right accessories, give us a call on 01423 608 648.