making a pizza for your pizza oven
Choose your pizza toppings, then cook in your pizza oven


Cook allsorts in your oven

Having a pizza oven in your garden means that you will open up a whole new way of cooking outside.

A pizza oven from the pizza oven shop is extremely versatile…..far more versatile than a barbeque in fact! You can move it around your garden as it is totally portable and you can cook beautiful stone baked pizzas, flatbreads as well as pasta dishes, meatballs, stews and so much more.

This section shows recipes for making great Italian dough and an authentic tomato pizza topping, all of which can cooked in your pizza oven. Just click any of the links on the right to access our recipes and you’ll see why a pizza oven is a must-have for your garden.

Pizza ovens are becoming extremely popular in the UK and it is our mission to make pizza ovens affordable and available to anyone who loves cooking outside, regardless of how deep their pockets are! Most pizza ovens cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds, yet our pizza ovens cost the same as a barbeque, they are totally portable and can be bought with a wide range of accessories.