Gino D'acampo portable gas pizza oven 14"

Gino Pizza Ovens

Born from his passion for authentic Neapolitan style pizza…

You just can’t beat wandering the streets of Naples, choosing a pizzeria and sitting down with a beer in hand to watch the world go by. He spent almost 3 years designing and developing his Gino pizza ovens to make them perfect for you!

Gino spent so much time dining outdoors with his family and friends and wanted to create a product to make Neapolitan style pizza easier than ever to create at home. 

Gino Pizza Oven - 14 inch gas portable pizza oven - gino d'acampo - the pizza oven shop uk - Matt Black Modena

14″ Gas Portable Pizza Oven

Quickly bake your crispy stone-baked base with perfectly cooked toppings. Designed to cook from the back edge of the oven only (the same position as you’d find in a real oven in Naples)… this makes baking easier and allows you to control the crisping of the base and crust to your liking.

Foldable legs make it convenient to take on days out… and store easily when you need to. We recommend storing the oven in the carry bag when not in use. This is also a great way to transport the oven.

Cooking capacity1×12″ pizza at a time
Approx’ heat up time15 minutes
Pizza cooking speed90 seconds
Cooking area33.5 x 33.5cm
FuelPowered by LPG / Propane Gas
Colour3 colours available
Gino Pizza Turning Peel 80cm
Gino D'acampo portable gas pizza oven 14"
Gino Pizza Oven gas portable pizza oven
Gino D'acampo portable gas pizza oven 14"

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