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When considering buying a garden pizza oven there are several factors which you will need to consider. These are the oven type, capacity, outdoor location, style and performance. We have searched the globe for the best pizza ovens available, bringing them all together in one place. As we are specialists in pizza ovens, this is all we do and as we represent several high-quality global brands. We always offer impartial advice based on your exact requirements.

Versatile outdoor cooking

Most of the garden pizza ovens we sell are very versatile and will cook far more than just pizzas. Buy the right oven and you will be able to cook, bake and roast anything in your pizza oven. For example, a roast chicken will need to be placed in a roasting tin, or steaks will need a good quality, cast iron skillet pan. Curries and ribs can be cooked in a cast iron casserole dish…. the possibilities are endless.

Whatever you want to cook, you’ll find that cooking on a wood fired pizza oven is a great experience. It adds a new element of fun to your garden which friends and family will love…in fact, you will become very popular indeed! With a pizza oven you can bring the authentic Italian restaurant experience into your garden.

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Steel Pizza Ovens

The majority of the oven brands we sell are made from high quality stainless steel, making them both durable to the weather conditions they face in the UK yet they are lightweight enough that to be moved from one location in the garden to another if needed. The key benefit of buying a steel built oven is that it will heat up to 500c very quickly. The steel inner chamber acts as a mirror and reflects the heat back down into the stone floor as the oven heats up, so you should be ready to cook your first pizza in an astonishing 15-20 minutes.

Clementi Pulcinella Gas pizza oven


Ooni Fyra 12 portable wood pellet pizza oven


Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven



Refractory Pizza Ovens

A traditionally built clay or brick pizza oven will typically take up to 3 hours to reach cooking temperature depending on the size of the oven. However, the refractory pizza ovens we sell combine traditional methods with cutting edge manufacturing technology to offer you the very best refractory oven experience possible. As a result, all our refractory ovens will reach heat much quicker than traditionally built ovens, usually in around 30-90 minutes depending on the oven size you choose. We sell two refractory oven ranges, all of which have been carefully selected to offer you all the benefits of using a refractory style oven, but with none of the drawbacks, and they all look stunning in your garden!

Delivita Pro Pizza Oven - the pizza oven shop uk


Igneus Ceramiko 600 wood fired pizza oven

Igneus Ceramiko

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