Why Choose The Pizza Oven Shop?

When considering your garden pizza oven there are several factors which you will need to consider such as type of oven, cooking capacity, location, style and performance. Here at The Pizza Oven Shop we offer expert advice to help you select the right oven which best suits your needs. We have searched the market for the very best garden pizza oven options available bringing them all together in one place. We are specialists in pizza ovens, this is all we do!

As we represent several global brands, our advice is impartial, honest and is based on your requirements, so you can be sure that by talking to us, you will be buying the right garden pizza oven for your needs.

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Steel garden pizza ovens

The majority of the oven brands we sell are made from high quality stainless steel, making them both durable to the weather conditions they face in the UK and lightweight so that they can be easily moved from one location in the garden to another. Click on the banner to find out more…

The key benefit of buying a steel built oven is that the steel oven will heat up to 500c in around 12 minutes. The steel inner chamber acts as a mirror and deflects the heat back down into the pizza stones, so you should be ready to cook your first pizza in an astonishing 15 minutes.

As an example, the very popular Igneus Classico weighs in at just 45kgs with the bricks in place, however If you remove the bricks, the oven unit weighs just 20kg, making it an easy one person lift. On a windy day, the benefit of such an oven is that you can quickly turn the oven out of the wind to maximise the oven’s performance.

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Our Refractory garden pizza oven range…

A traditional clay or brick pizza oven would be up to temperature in around 1-3 hours depending on the size of the inner chamber and the thickness of the clay/brick walls. 

These ranges combine the tradition with cutting edge modern technology to offer you the very best refractory oven experience. These ovens have been designed to look stunning in your garden, whilst offering you premium build quality and performance.

We sell three refractory oven ranges, which have been carefully chosen to offer you all the benefits of using a refractory style oven, but with none of the drawbacks. Click on the banner to find out more…

Versatile wood fired cooking!

Most of the garden pizza ovens we sell are very versatile and will cook far more than just pizzas.

You can cook, bake and roast anything in your pizza oven that you would cook in your oven in the kitchen. For example, a roast chicken will need to be placed in a roasting tin, or steaks will need a good quality, cast iron skillet pan. Curries and ribs can be cooked in a cast iron casserole dish….the possibilities are endless. Whatever you want to cook, you’ll find that cooking on a wood fired pizza oven is a great experience and will add a new element of fun to your garden which friends and family will love…you will become very popular!

With a pizza oven you can bring the authentic Italian restaurant experience into your home.  Your garden pizza oven can be used anytime and in any weather. Summer or winter, you will enjoy beautiful tasting food produced by your wood fired oven.

What will you need to buy with your garden pizza oven?

When you receive your garden pizza oven and want to get cooking, there are a few essential bits that you will need.

Firstly a good 12″ pizza peel to get your pizza in and out of the oven easily. Don’t forget that you will need to remove the pizza to turn it as the fire sits at the back of the oven, so one edge will cook faster than the other. As a rule, we recommend that every 20 seconds you remove the pizza turn it a third of a turn and reintroduce to the heat to get a good even cook of the base.

Secondly, you will need something to move the fire into place.  Depending on the oven you choose, we would recommend either an embers rake or a pizza brush.

We also suggest that you consider buying a cover to protect your pizza oven. We currently stock covers for the Igneus, Clementi, Ooni and Delivita ranges.