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What to look for when buying a Garden Pizza Oven

When buying a garden pizza oven there are several factors you need to consider. Oven type, capacity, outdoor location, style and performance. Which we will go through to help you make the right choice.

We have searched the globe for the best pizza ovens available. Bringing them all together in one place. We are specialists in pizza ovens and outdoor cooking. This is all we do, we represent high-quality, global brands and offer advice based on your requirements.

Versatile outdoor cooking

Most of the garden pizza ovens we sell are very versatile and will cook more than pizza. Buy the right oven and you will be able to cook anything in your pizza oven. For example, roast chicken in a roasting tray, or steaks cooked in good quality, cast iron cookware. Curries and ribs in a cast iron casserole dish, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever you cook, you’ll find that cooking on a pizza oven in your garden is a great experience. It adds a new element of fun to cooking, which friends and family will love. With a pizza oven you can bring a new cooking experience to your garden!

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Garden Pizza Oven FAQ’s

This depends on the look you are after. If you prefer the more traditional look then refractory is for you. We would say however, just bear in mind that refractory ovens are more susceptible to the elements. You may need to perform maintenance over time as cracks will develop. They also take a lot longer to reach the desired cooking temperature. Steel ovens are made to last and withstand the weather. They are also much more user friendly due to the rapid heat up times. Steel ovens are movable whereas refractory ovens are set in place once they are built.   

Again, this is a personal preference. Wood fired ovens offer a more authentic experience and with the right oven take no longer to get to heat than their gas counterparts. They just require a bit more TLC though the heat up process as you have to feed the fire with wood to build heat.

Gas, obviously does this for you as you get on with other tasks. You will benefit from added flavour with wood and you can experiment with different types of wood for unique flavours into your dishes.

There are of course dual fuel ovens available. This gives you the best of both worlds! 

Learn more about the different types of ovens.

This depends on how you see yourself using your pizza oven. We would always recommend an oven that can offer you more than just pizza. Garden Pizza ovens can change the way you cook outdoors. With high quality insulation, you can retain heat for slow cooking over a number of hours, roast full joints of meat and even bake a sourdough loaf. They also offer you a heat source. Once you have finished cooking, your oven can provide warmth for you and your guests. If you are looking for a complete cooking solution, we would recommend the below ovens.

The outdoor kitchen is becoming ever more popular for gardens in the UK. Along with your traditional BBQ, a pizza oven can add more to your outdoor cooking kit. Most of the ovens we sell either have feet so that they are risen off of your surface, reducing heat transfer. The means that you can sit the oven on Granite, porcelain tiles, polished concrete, stainless steel and even wood!

We also offer a range of stands. We sell steel or wooden solutions depending on the look you want. Some of the stands we sell are mobile so you can wheel your pizza oven around your garden to suit you. 

This is a really important question. We advise that if you are thinking of putting your oven near a wooden fence, leave a minimum gap of 10cm. This lets air  circulate around the back of your oven and cool any warm air. With brick or stone, this is less important. 

Another common issue is our customers are concerned about smoke. If you use good quality hardwood, you should see very little to no smoke coming from your flue.

Another ever more popular idea is having your oven under a garden structure. This is great, but may require a flue extension.

Learn more about extending your chimney.

Yes! Our ovens all have covers available, if you have no roof over the oven, we always recommend a cover. The oven won’t rust as our steel ovens are all made form high quality materials. This is just to protect your investment and keep it looking as good as it can!

Steel Pizza Ovens

Most of the oven brands we sell are made from high quality stainless steel, making them both durable to the weather conditions in the UK yet they are lightweight enough that to be moved from one location in the garden to another if needed. The key benefit of buying a steel oven is that it will heat up to 500c very quickly, in some in as little as 20 minutes! The steel inner chamber acts as a mirror and reflects the heat back down into the stone floor as the oven heats up, so you should be ready to cook your first pizza in no time. Our steel ovens are all insulated with ceramic fibre. This increases the heat retention of the oven meaning you can let your oven run low and slow for raosting, slow cooking and even baking!

Clementi Pulcinella Gas pizza oven


Ooni Fyra 12 portable wood pellet pizza oven


Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven


Igneus Classico wood fired pizza oven


Refractory Pizza Ovens

A clay or brick pizza oven will typically take up to 3 hours to reach cooking temperature depending on the size of the oven. However, the refractory pizza ovens we sell combine traditional methods with cutting edge manufacturing technology to offer you the best refractory oven experience possible. As a result, all our refractory ovens will reach heat much quicker than traditionally built ovens, usually in around 30-90 minutes depending on the oven size you choose. We sell two refractory oven ranges, all of which have been carefully selected to offer you all the benefits of using a refractory style oven, but with none of the drawbacks, and they all look stunning in your garden! The major benefit for refractory ovens is the immense heat retention which can be up to 24 hours.

Delivita Pro dual fuel pizza oven


Igneus Ceramiko 600 wood fired pizza oven

Igneus Ceramiko

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