having a party? why not hire a wood fired pizza oven?

Pizza oven hire

If you have an upcoming event and are looking for an unusual catering solution, pizza oven hire is well worth considering, as it is very cost effective and a lot of fun.

Our growing network of independent pizza oven hire companies across the UK offers you a cost effective solution, using the best portable oven brand on the market today; the Igneus wood fired oven range, which is designed to cook up to two 12” wood-fired pizzas at once.

Just think…. with a wood fired pizza oven, you can wow your guests with superb crispy based, authentic tasting wood fired pizzas, cooked before their eyes in just one minute…..and if they wish, they can even have a go at cooking their own pizza! And it doesn’t stop there. The wood fired pizza oven you hire can also cook many other things. From roasting meats and fish, to baking bread and dishes such as lasagne or cannelloni, the Igneus range of ovens is very versatile and delivers superb tasting food, time and time again.

Perfect for most occasions including Kids birthday parties, Birthday and Anniversary celebrations, Weddings, Christmas and New Year celebrations, Garden parties and even Corporate events, pizza oven hire is the ideal catering solution….all you need to do is arrange the pizza oven hire and cook (or get someone to cook) the pizza!

We encourage all our pizza oven hire companies to offer you a complete solution, including the wood fired pizza oven, pizza tools, wood, instructions for use etc, all as part of the hire fee, so that all you need to do is fire up the oven and start cooking. Each pizza oven hire company set sits own pricing, but typically a day’s hire would start at around £150-£180 and a weekend hire would cost around £200-£280. Some will even be able to supply the pizza dough, pizza toppings etc. for a small additional charge.

The Igneus wood fired pizza oven will cook amazing, crispy stone baked pizzas in around 1 minute, making it the perfect pizza oven for pizza oven hire

Igneus Pizza Oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven

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Set up your own pizza oven hire business…

This is a superb chance to earn extra cash by building your own part-time or full-time business.

For a relatively small investment, you can set up your own pizza oven hire company and generate income by renting out pizza ovens to families and businesses in your local area. It is very simple to do, and we help you by giving you expert advice on setting up a pizza oven hire company, by supplying you with the things you’ll need to get going, and even by generating quality customer enquiries for you from our website.

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