At the pizza oven shop, we mainly specialise in steel pizza ovens, however, we also offer one brand of pizza oven kit; the fantastic Mila 60.

If you’re looking for a self-build project, the Mila 60 pizza oven kit is a superb option which comes with everything you need to build it, including build quality assurances.

This pre-cast refractory concrete pizza oven kit simply locks together, giving you assured build quality as it comes with a 10 year guarantee! With the Mila 60 pizza oven kit, you can also choose the style and finished look of the oven, as there are two kit options; The first kit option comes complete with the exterior fibre glass shell finish – there are 4 colour options. By choosing the second option, the pizza oven kit is supplied without the outer shell, enabling you to complete the look of the oven the way you want to, by cladding, tiling or rendering the basic refractory concrete chamber kit.

Whichever option you choose, with the Mila 60 kit, you can build the basic oven in around 1 hour, safe in the knowledge that it will not collapse!

Option 1 – kit with fibreglass shell…
Option 2 – kit you clad yourself…

The perfect project

The Mila 60 kit can be built in a few simple stages in around 1 hour. The 70mm refractory concrete sections are designed to interlock securely to create the basic oven shape. Once locked together, the spaces are filled with fire cement and left to dry before applying the insulation layer, which is in turn held in place by the wire netting. Once built, the oven is then ready to either apply the fibreglass skin, or, it can be render, brick or tile clad to create a more rustic finished look.

Why choose a pizza oven kit?

Many people want to have the thrill of building their own pizza oven, but are put off because of horror stories they have read about online. Such stories include ovens collapsing and moisture penetrating the oven causing cracks to appear.

It is for this reason that we tend not specialise in brick and clay built ovens, that was, until we found the superb Mila 60!

By choosing the Mila 60 pizza oven kit, you get the all the pleasure and satisfaction of building the wood fired oven yourself (which saves you money), safe in the knowledge that your oven will retain its integrity once fired up and used. The Mila 60 is made from high-tech refractory concrete, which is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and designed to lock together securely when being built.

This unique design enables you to build the basic structure of your oven in around one hour, with only a few basic tools needed to complete the job.

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Why buy a Mila 60 pizza oven kit?

Mila is a British based company, and all Mila products are manufactured in a UK factory in the Midlands. The Mila 60 range has been designed in such a way that it can bought pre-built (on a stand, or without a stand), or in kit form, with or without the fibreglass outer shell.

The business owner Luke, works hard to ensure every Mila pizza oven is built to a very high standard and he pours all his energy into his growing pizza oven business. Whilst we predominantly sell steel based pizza ovens, when we met Luke and saw the exceptional quality of his pre-built pizza oven and pizza oven kit range, we immediately realised that it fits perfectly into our growing portfolio of high quality pizza ovens.

If it is a self-build project that you’re after, but are worried about building it correctly, then look no further than the Mila 60 pizza oven kit, which offers quality, durability, and an amazing 10 year warranty.

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