About the Ooni Pro 16

The Ooni Pro 16 is the world’s first outdoor pizza oven to feature quad-fuel functionality. Making it capable of running on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas.

The Ooni Pro 16 is much bigger and more versatile than its smaller cousin the Ooni Karu 12. It comes with the wood and charcoal burner as standard, so you immediately have the choice of using wood kindling or charcoal straight from the box. It will reach 500˚C in under 20 minutes, meaning that it takes just 60 seconds to cook an authentic crispy based large 16” pizza. In this mode, you can use the Pro with charcoal to provide the main baseline of heat and then throw on a few bits of wood to give the extra oomph and flavour just before the pizza goes in.

The large 45x45cm cooking area of the Pro 16 combined with its multi-fuel capabilities means it is extremely versatile….as well as great pizzas, you can cook a wide variety of food; large roast meats (beef, lamb etc), fish, vegetables, baked bread and lots, lots more.

Your Pro 16 will come with two doors. The door with built in thermometer enables you to check out the oven’s temperature at a glance and is great for using when roasting and baking. Your Ooni Pro 16 also includes the patent pending pizza door, which has a ‘letter box’ style opening to slide pizzas in and out easily, whilst retaining the heat inside the oven. This is the only door to use when using the Gas Burner. Both doors are fully removable too so that you can easily put large piece of meat or bread into your oven.

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Ooni Pro portable multi fuel pizza oven
Ooni Pro portable multi fuel pizza oven
Ooni Pro portable multi fuel pizza oven

When you buy the Ooni Pro 16 you’ll get the following:

Your Ooni Pro 16 box includes two removable doors (the letterbox door and the glass door). The oven includes the Ooni wood and charcoal burner as standard, as well as a pair of heat resistant gloves.

Ooni Pro is no longer available

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