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The Uuni 2S pizza oven

The Igneus pizza oven

Welcome to – the home of a superb range of affordable and totally portable pizza ovens, all capable of making delicious home-made, authentic Italian tasting, stone baked pizzas in less than 90 seconds in your garden.

By bringing you a true stone baked pizza experience at an affordable price, you can now completely change how you entertain friends and family in your garden. Imagine…no more boring barbeques with burnt sausages and dry burgers… just prepare the raw ingredients and let your friends enjoy the experience of making their own pizza in your pizza oven from start to finish, whilst enjoying a glass of wine or a cold beer in the sunshine. Happy days!

Our pizza ovens are extremely versatile and can be used for far more than just cooking pizzas. Why not try your hand at baking flatbread, or perhaps using your oven to bake a home-made lasagne? Maybe sticky barbeque ribs or sweet pizzas are your thing….one thing’s for sure, whatever rings your bell, you’ll find that a pizza oven from will quickly become your very best friend when it comes to entertaining outside.

With Christmas 2016 just round the corner, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a pizza oven before the Christmas rush depletes our range of stock? Our fantastic portable pizza ovens are incredible value and are a great way of introducing you to a totally new way of outdoor cooking.

Our biggest selling pizza oven is the award winning Uuni 2S pizza oven which is stylish, functional, economical and cooks amazing crispy wood fired pizzas in seconds. The 2016 model comes with a host of design improvements which means that this truly amazing pizza oven just got even better….and the best part is it only costs £199 plus FREE DELIVERY! Click here to find out more about the Uuni range and our superb value bundle deals.

Our stone baked Mexican clay pizza ovens are a great introduction to pizza making at a similar price to a reasonable garden barbeque, we have a fantastic starter pack deal available, designed to save you £££’s. We have just taken delivery of the XL Classic Mexican clay pizza oven, which can cook 2 large pizzas at the same time! Our clay ovens are built in such a way that they do not require any installation at all – you can literally take your new pizza oven out of the box and fire it up within a few minutes…it really is that simple! Click here to find out more about getting hold of the Mexican clay pizza oven.

Perhaps you want to buy a larger capacity oven. In which case, take a look at our Igneus pizza oven range, which can cook 2 large pizzas at once as well as joints of meat, casseroles, loaves of bread etc. What’s more our superb Igneus pizza oven range comes in a range of amazing colours; copper, aubergine, red, graphite and champagne and can only be bought from us. But don’t leave it too late…this oven is so popular, all of our Summer deliveries were pre-sold before they even arrived in to our warehouse. We now have limited stocks of the Igneus pizza oven ready for delivery from our UK based warehouse, but our advice is to get your order in quickly as this is an incredibly popular wood fired oven. Click here to find out more about our Igneus pizza oven range.

Hopefully our website gives you all the information you need about owning and using one of these fantastic ‘must have’ garden accessories, which will change the way you barbeque forever!




Neil Mitchell


The Igneus pizza oven is brilliant and I use it at least twice a week. Friends love coming over for pizza and I highly recommend it for cooking a lamb roast (with a bit of foil protection). Because it cooks so quickly, it gives a nice taste and the meat stays unbelievably tender.

Neil Mitchell Ripon
Jason Pitter

What an unbelievable product!

Superb “wood fired” baked pizzas well within 2 minutes from the Uuni 2S pizza oven. I did not expect such a small beautifully formed stainless steel package to perform in this way and in particular producing the temperatures to do so! The assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow by one person (taking a little longer than described in the literature). Once done within minutes (again perhaps slightly longer than the 10 minutes described) the oven is up to temperature and ready to go. It should be said that the lighting instructions are better followed alongside the helpful tips in the pizza oven shop’s useful literature that accompany the product.

As regards The Pizza Oven Shop, it is to their credit that this was purchased as a gift. They suggested it be considered as an alternative to a different product that they were prepared to sell to us. I am so pleased that they did as the Uuni more than meets my requirements and is a testament to their product knowledge.

Thank you!

Jason Pitter Leeds