Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1200

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The Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1200 is a commercial stone baked pizza oven hand made in the UK. It can cook 5 large pizzas in an amazing 60-120 seconds.

Igneus Ceramiko pizza ovens are supplied as a modular kit in three to six parts depending on which oven you choose. You can easily carry the parts into position without the need for expensive lifting equipment or cranes. The oven can be easily constructed in less than an hour. All the components interlock to form a super-strong self-sealing structure. The 600 and 760 ovens will hold cooking heat for 4 hours, however if insulated this increases to an astonishing 24 hours (please note that the insulation kit cannot be installed on ovens placed on the stand). The Pro 1000 and Pro 1200 ovens offer 24 hour heat retention as  the insulation kit comes as standard. All unrendered Ceramiko ovens need sealing (with sealant) every 3 months.


Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1200 Pizza Oven

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