Replacement Parts

Over time, some parts of the your pizza oven may need to be replaced due to wear and tear. Fortunately, we have replacement parts for Clementi ovens that are easy to install and will keep your oven running smoothly for years to come. Whether you need to replace firebricks, the chimney, the thermometer, or the legs, we have you covered. 

You can purchase replacement Clementi parts from our website. Below are links to the replacements we sell:

Clementi Original 100x80 pizza oven replacement door - the pizza oven shop uk

Clementi Door

Made from high-quality stainless steel, Clementi Replacement Doors are designed to fit perfectly onto your Clementi pizza oven, ensuring fantastic heat retention. Whether you accidentally damaged your original door or simply need a replacement, the Clementi replacement door is an excellent choice. It features two large, ergonomic handles, making it easy to open and close your oven without burning your hands.

Clementi Replacement Firebrick - 40x20cm

Clementi Firebricks

Firebricks are one of the most important parts of a pizza oven. These are specially designed bricks that can withstand high temperatures and are used to line the cooking chamber. Firebricks help to retain the heat inside the oven and distribute it evenly, ensuring that your pizza is cooked to perfection. Over time, firebricks may crack or become damaged, and they will need to be replaced. Fortunately, we offer replacement firebricks that are easy to install and will keep your oven running smoothly.

Clementi Original Pizza Oven Replacement Chimney

Clementi Chimney 

The chimney is an essential part of any pizza oven as it helps to vent the smoke and hot air out of the oven. Clementi Pizza Ovens come with a chimney that is made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand high temperatures. However, over time, the chimney may become clogged or damaged, and it will need to be replaced.

Clementi additional screw in feet - set of 4 - the pizza oven shop

Clementi Feet (set of 4)

The feet provide stability and support for the oven and allow you to move the oven around as needed. Clementi Gold Pizza Ovens come with durable and sturdy feet that are designed to withstand the weight of the oven and the heat from the fire. However, over time, the feet may become damaged or may no longer provide the necessary support. The replacement legs are easy to install and will ensure that your oven remains stable and secure.

Clementi Replacement Fireguard

Clementi Fireguard

This Clementi Replacement Fireguard is designed to protect your food from the embers as it cooks. It provides a barrier between the burning wood and cooking area.

Compatible with Clementi Original and Clementi Gold pizza ovens.

Clementi Spacer Bar - the pizza oven shop uk

Clementi Spacer Bar

This Clementi Replacement Spacer Bar is compatible with the Clementi Original and Clementi Gold pizza ovens.

Place this metal bar in the gap on the oven floor. Remove the bar to allow you to easily remove your firebricks from the oven.

Clementi Replacement Thermometer

Clementi Thermometer

The Clementi thermometer allows you to accurately monitor the internal temperature of the oven. This feature is essential for achieving the perfect cooking temperature for your pizzas, as it helps ensure that the oven is heated evenly and consistently. Additionally, the thermometer is durable and easy to read, making it a reliable tool for all your pizza-making needs.

Clementi Skamotec Board

Clementi Skamotec Board (61 x 40 cm)

This Replacement Skamotec Board is to be placed underneath the firebricks in Clementi pizza ovens. The Skamotec helps to insulate the base of the oven, keeping more heat inside of the cooking chamber.

Igneus Pizza Oven

Igneus offer a range of replacement parts for their pizza ovens. You can order these parts by visiting the link below to their website.


We do not provide replacement parts for OoniGozney Gino, Inferno or Delivita. If you require replacement parts for these brands you will have to contact them directly.