Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1200 wood fired pizza oven

The Eagle & Child

We were approached by Thwaites Brewery to help transform the outdoor dining experience at The Eagle & Child in Ramsbottom, whilst improving regular customer visits to the pub on behalf of the pub’s owner Will Gallie.

Having recently purchased the pub, Will recognised that the outdoor space available would be the key to unlocking the pub’s true potential. However, it would need some investment and vision to achieve it. As part of the external renovation, he wanted to inspire his chefs, improve efficiency and create a true point of difference for the pub’s customers to enjoy.

An alfresco dining experience with an outdoor kitchen fitted out with an Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1200 wood-fired pizza oven was the proposed solution. The oven installation took two days to complete and now along with the fabulous tepee it is now the focal point of the pub.

‘For us as a business, it has given us a style of service we couldn’t have offered previously. It’s segmented our food offering in the local marketplace. We are not an Italian restaurant. We offer our own brand of high-quality restaurant grade sourdough pizzas using locally sourced ingredients. Our customers love the theatre of watching the food cook on the wood-fired oven. What’s more, our chefs love the oven as it has created a totally different environment for them to work in. They appreciate the positive feedback they are getting first-hand from our customers.’

Will Gallie ( Owner, Eagle & Child, Ramsbottom)

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