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Pizza ovens made from brick or stone are commonly used and built with an arched or domed shape that ensures heat is evenly distributed around the pizza…

One of the main advantages of using a stone pizza oven is its ability to produce an ideal crust. The oven’s high temperature results in rapid cooking of the pizza dough, leading to a crispy crust. Moreover, the stone surface absorbs moisture, leading to a perfectly cooked crust.

Aside from the perfect crust, stone pizza ovens also provide a distinctive smoky flavor that enhances the pizza’s taste. This is due to the high temperature of the oven, causing the wood fuel to release flavorful smoke that imbues the pizza with a delicious, wood-fired aroma.

Stone pizza ovens also allow for a variety of pizza styles to be made, adding to their versatility. While Neapolitan-style pizzas with minimal toppings and thin crusts are the most common, deep-dish, New York-style, and other pizza styles can also be made using these ovens.

Igneus Ceramiko 600 wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1000 wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Ceramiko 760 wood fired pizza oven
Homemade Pizza Oven - Igneus Ceramiko

Are you a pizza lover yearning for the authentic taste of Neapolitan-style pizza in the comfort of your own garden?

Look no further than the Igneus Ceramiko range, the ultimate choice for discerning pizza connoisseurs seeking nothing but the best.

Stone pizza ovens are the top choice for pizza enthusiasts globally because of their ability to deliver unrivaled crispy crusts, melted cheese, and evenly cooked toppings. The Igneus Ceramiko refractory pizza oven is crafted from top-notch materials and built to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring that your pizzas are cooked flawlessly every time.

One of the key highlights of the Ceramiko is its revolutionary construction. The oven’s interior is lined with high-quality refractory materials that evenly trap and distribute heat, creating an optimal environment for baking scrumptious, mouth-watering pizzas. The oven’s unique dome shape also allows for maximum heat retention, ensuring that your pizzas cook swiftly and efficiently.

Another advantage is its versatility. Not only can you bake delightful pizzas, but you can also use it to cook a variety of other dishes, including bread, roasted vegetables, and even meats. Its stylish design will add a touch of sophistication to your backyard.

When selecting a pizza oven, it’s vital to consider factors such as durability, performance, and ease of use. The Igneus Ceramiko refractory pizza oven excels in all of these areas, making it the perfect option for pizza lovers who seek only the best. With its innovative design, top-quality construction, and exceptional performance, this oven is sure to surpass your expectations and deliver delectable, restaurant-quality pizzas every time.

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