Get more creative with this year’s Christmas gift

Does your partner have everything? Meaning whatever you buy the, for Christmas, it’s almost certain that they will already have one? Do you find it difficult to come up with ideas for unusual Christmas gifts for them? Then this year we have an amazing solution for you.

Our fantastic range of versatile wood or gas fired pizza ovens offer a totally unusual and unique gift idea for someone who loves great food. With a huge variety of ovens ranging from the top selling Ooni or the more versatile Igneus range of ovens which cooks pizzas as well as roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, casseroles, bread, BBQ ribs and much, much more. We even sell the superb Clementi oven range if your budget will allow.  All our pizza ovens cook amazing tasting pizzas which are every bit as good as those you’ll get from a really good Italian restaurant.

It may be something of a stereotype, but most men really do love cooking outside, especially when fire is involved, so this fantastic, unusual Christmas gift idea is a sure-fire winner (pardon the pun). All of our amazing pizza ovens take around 10-15 minutes to get up to cooking temperature, yet they can cook an amazing tasting pizza in around 60 seconds, so they are not only extremely efficient, but also very fast.

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