At last, a pizza oven you can afford…

Here at The Pizza Oven Shop we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy cooking fantastic, authentic tasting stone baked pizzas in their garden or on their balcony at home. Thanks to our diverse range of carefully selected pizza ovens it is now possible for everyone to own their own high quality pizza oven. What’s more, it will cook amazing pizzas…in just a few minutes…with that true, authentic Italian flavour and crispy pizza base that you can only get from a dedicated, specialist pizza oven.

We offer a wide range of pizza ovens, accessories and bespoke bundles, which cater for both the person who is a total novice at cooking stone baked pizzas, through to someone who is now ready for a more advanced oven.

Tried and Tested

We never sell a pizza oven unless we have fully tested it as we believe passionately that our customers should be able to recreate the same quality of pizza, as at an authentic Italian restaurant. In short, if we sell it, you know it will do a great job for you.

So at last, you and your family and friends can enjoy making and eating really great pizzas and a lot more besides, every day of the year.

Why buy a pizza oven from us?

Pizza oven vs Barbeque

Here are ten great reasons why you should use a pizza oven from at your next barbeque!

  1. A pizza oven will make your barbeque parties completely different to everybody else’s.
  2. Everyone loves the great authentic taste of stone baked pizza.
  3. You can get your friends involved by letting them create and cook their own pizzas in a matter of minutes.
  4. It’s loads of fun, bringing a totally new dimension to outdoor entertaining.
  5. You can cook far more than just pizzas in a pizza oven.
  6. Many of our ovens require little or no installation.
  7. You can still use the barbeque if you wish…. barbeque ribs with stone-baked pizza and a cold beer…delicious!
  8. Innovate, don’t imitate! Your friends will be immensely jealous of your new pizza oven from
  9. You can use your pizza oven all year round, so whilst your barbeque is in hibernation for the winter, you could be making beautiful seasonal tasting pizzas!
  10. Having your own pizza oven in your garden is the coolest thing ever!
A pizza oven will complement your barbeque parties

You know the feeling…it’s midsummer, its red hot outside and your friends are arriving at any time with their ‘bring a bottle’ in hand. The trouble is that there are 25 of them arriving and your barbeque just isn’t big enough or fast enough for the job. You’ve made loads of side salads and pastas, but you need to get some substantial food on the go to keep their hunger at bay.

By having a pizza oven from heated and ready to go next to your barbeque, you can quickly get the hot food going to satisfy their hunger. What’s more, you can even involve your friends by getting them to have fun making their own pizzas whilst you keep flipping the burgers….they’ll love it! Or you could get a couple of lasagnes ready beforehand and throw them into the pizza oven as your friends arrive. You can even give your barbeque a completely new dimension by using your pizza oven to cook flatbreads… garlic bread… sticky barbeque ribs…the list goes on and on and is only limited by your own imagination!

Regardless of how many friends you have round, you can be sure that they will love the wonderful authentic stone-baked taste and smell of home-cooked pizza!

Taking care of your pizza oven

If you purchase a steel oven from us, we recommend that you ensure that your pizza oven is covered once it has fully cooled down. we sell covers for many of our ovens in our shop. This will ensure that your pizza oven is protected from harsh weather when it is not in use.

It is recommended that all old coals and ash are removed from the oven once it has fully cooled down. This protects the cooking surface and ensures that your oven is ready for use when you come to fire it up again.

You can use your pizza oven all year round. In fact there’s no better experience than cooking your own stone baked pizzas and enjoying a glass of Vin Chaud whilst the snow is falling around you!

Pizza oven safety


It is very  important to remember that pizza ovens get very hot and should be treated with the utmost respect. Whilst it is fine to get the children to create their own pizzas, always make sure that they are kept a safe distance away from the oven whilst it is in operation and never allow children to place pizzas in or out of the oven or leave them unattended whilst your pizza oven is hot or warm.

After cooking…

It is important to remember that once you have finished using your pizza oven, it will remain very hot for some time after. We recommend that you do not attempt to remove dead coals from your oven for at least 24 hours after the time you stopped using it. Always check that the embers are totally cold before removing them and never place them into a combustible container for disposal as it could set alight if the embers are not fully cold.


Never put your all-weather protective cover onto the oven whilst it is still hot as it will melt onto the oven. We recommend that you do not put your cover onto your oven for at least 24 hours after the time you stopped using it and always check it is completely cold before you do so.

Treat your oven with respect. Never place any unprotected part of your body inside the oven whilst it is lit or hot and always use heatproof gloves. Always use the correct tools such as a pizza peel and coal rake or brush for tending to your oven. A range of accessories can be found in our shop. Click here for more details