When buying a pizza oven, you are bound to have some questions you need answers to. Naturally we are happy to try and answer any questions you have, however here are a few of the most frequent pizza oven related questions we get asked…


Are your pizza ovens wood-fired?

Yes. We believe that wood-fired pizza ovens always deliver the very best tasting pizzas. We also believe that everyone should be able to afford a pizza oven which can cook great tasting stone baked pizzas in their garden, which is why we have launched our range of affordable and totally portable pizza ovens!

Do I need to install my new pizza oven?

If you buy the either the Uuni or the Igneus pizza oven, you will need to spend a few minutes assembling it, then it is ready to fire up. We recommend that the Igneus oven is fired up twice gradually increasing the temperature each time before being used to cook in.

What sized pizzas can I cook?

The Uuni will cook up to a 12″ pizza which is a perfect serving size for most people. Once your oven is hot, a pizza should cook in around 60 to 90 seconds. The Igneus oven is capable of cooking a pizza of around 15″ diameter if you set the fire to the corner of the oven, or two dinner plate sized pizzas at the same time.

Can I cook anything else in my new pizza oven?

Yes, they are very versatile. Authentic stone baked pizzas are very popular with most family members, however, your new pizza oven will cook a whole lot more. You can also use your oven to cook flatbreads, garlic breads, ribs, chicken wings, steaks etc. etc. In the larger Igneus pizza oven, you can also cook roast meats, casseroles and even loaves of bread!

Will I need any accessories for my new pizza oven?

For the Igneus pizza oven, we would recommend the following; when using your pizza oven, you will need an embers rake for pushing the hot coals to the back of the oven once the oven has fully heated up. You will also need a pizza pizza peel which you will use for placing your pizza into the oven, turning it whilst cooking and removing it once cooked. We would strongly recommend that you also use heat proof oven gloves when operating your oven. The Uuni comes complete with its own pizza peel, and does not require the use of an embers rake.

Once you pizza is cooked, you may wish to have a special serving board to place it on, and a pizza cutter is always a good idea as using a knife to cut your pizza can damage the base due to the sawing action.

To protect your pizza oven and help it last for a number of years, we would also recommend that you purchase a pizza oven cover to protect it from the weather when not in use.

We stock a range of accessories and also offer ‘bundle deals’ with our ovens so that you can save money by buying everything you need in one go. Click here to visit our shop for more information on available accessories

How do i maintain my new pizza oven?

When you have finished using your pizza oven, make sure that the coals are completely cold. Once they are cold, simply use a brush to clear out the coals and dispose of them appropriately. Once the oven is cleared out, use  a pizza oven cover (available in our accessories section of the shop) to cover your oven to protect it form the elements.

In winter, always ensure that your oven is covered and if possible place it into a sheltered area, garage or shed to ensure it has adequate protection from the winter months.

When not in use, keep your pizza oven clear of ash and debris and always ensure that the door is firmly fitted on in order to keep the cooking surface dry and free from dirt and dust. It can be cleaned when cool using a soft wet cloth with washing up liquid, and the stainless steel outer areas can be looked after using water with washing up liquid followed by baby oil and a soft cloth.

Are your pizza oven prices good value for money?

Yes, our online prices start at just £199. Traditionally, to get a pizza oven installed into your garden it would cost you anything from £1,000 to £3,000, so for many years, having the thrill of making home baked stone baked pizzas in your garden has been the luxury of the wealthy.

But now we are able to bring you a high quality, low cost solution, which will produce beautiful stone baked flavoursome pizzas in a matter of minutes, meaning your friends, family and children can enjoy the excitement of making their very own pizza in your garden.

The amazing Uuni is a very durable and highly portable solution, capable of cooking a 12″ pizza with a superb crispy base in around 60 seconds. Our fantastic Igneus pizza oven is exceptional value for money offering a truly versatile pizza making solution at a fraction of the price of its main competitors. Click here for more information.

How long will my pizza oven take to deliver?

Not long. So long as we have stock of your chosen oven, we will aim to dispatch it within 24 hours of receiving your order during weekdays except bank holidays. If your chosen oven is out of stock, we will inform you of an expected delivery date as soon as we can. Depending on where you live, we deliver the oven to you, or we use a reliable courier/pallet delivery service who will deliver to your chosen address.