Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a pizza oven, you are bound to have some questions you need answers to. Below are some frequently asked questions. Naturally we are happy to try and answer any questions you have, however here are a few of the most frequent asked questions we get. If your question is not answered here, then please give us a call on 01423 608 648 to get some expert advice.

What fuel do the pizza ovens you sell use?

It’s an inescapable fact that a wood-fired pizza oven will always deliver the very best tasting pizzas and food, however gas is very convenient and cooks a very good pizza quickly. Most of our ovens are available as wood fired ovens, however some use gas, wood pellets and even charcoal.

  • Delivita: Wood Fired or Dual Fuelled ( Wood + Gas)
  • Ooni: Wood Fired, Charcoal, Wood Pellet or Gas Powered (depending on model chosen) 
  • Gozney: Gas or Dual Fuelled ( Wood + Gas)

Do I need to install my new pizza oven?

This depends upon the oven you purchase. Most of our brands come ready to use, just take them out of the box, place the cooking stone(s) in, pop the chimney on and get going. All ovens come with instructions to help you out.

The Igneus Ceramiko requires some assembly and possibly finishing off, depending on which model you buy.  Typically, the core of the oven will take around an hour to assemble, but the insulating and finishing off may take longer depending on your preferred finish such as rendering.

If you purchased a pizza oven with a stand then you will have to assemble the stand. This typically takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on your stand choice.

All assembly instructions are included, but all our manuals can also be found to download on our manuals page.

What size pizza can I cook at a time?

All of the ovens we sell will cook at least one 12″ pizza. Below are the capacities of each oven model we stock.

Can I cook anything else in my pizza oven?

All ovens that we stock can cook more than pizza. The size of the oven will determine what can be cooked. Here’s a quick summary of what each oven can cook: 

Pizza & small BBQ style food

  • Ooni Range
  • Gozney Roccbox
  • Gozney Arc / Arc XL
  • Gino Pizza Oven
  • Clementi Crosti

Pizza, BBQ Style Food, Roast Dinners, Breads, Casseroles and more…

  • Igneus Range
  • Igneus Ceramiko Range
  • Gozney Dome / Dome S1
  • Clementi Range
  • Delivita Range
  • Inferno Range

For inspiration on what to cook in your pizza oven, visit our recipes page.

Do I need any accessories?

Yes, if you buy a pizza oven on its own, then you will need to buy some accessories such as a pizza peel, brush etc. However, if you buy one of our bundles, you should get the accessories you need included in the deal.

The Igneus Minimo comes with a peel and rake, but you can also purchase a cover and cast-iron pans for it. The Igneus Bambino and Classico require a peel and rake to use with the ovens. These are not included with the oven price. Other accessories such as stand, cover, cast iron pans etc.

The Igneus Ceramiko Range has the option to add and accessory bundle. The Ooni range requires at least a pizza peel to be able to cook.

The Gozney Dome requires at least a pizza peel to be able to cook. The Gozney Roccbox comes with a pizza peel as standard.

The Clementi Range requires a pizza peel, brush, ash rake and spinner to be used. These are not included in the oven price, but are available in our shop along with other accessories such as cover, pan set, gloves etc.

The Delivita range also requires accessories, see our Delivita oven bundles for best value offers. If you plan on leaving your pizza oven outside all year, we strongly recommend you purchase a cover in order to protect your oven against the elements.

We sell a full range of accessories for some of the pizza oven brands that we stock, visit our shop page for more details.

How to I maintain my pizza oven?

With the Ooni Range, you remove and empty the tray at the back of the oven. Then use washing up liquid and a sponge to clean the outside of the oven. With the Gozney Roccbox simply use washing up liquid and a sponge to clean the outside of the oven. If using the wood burner accessory, disconnect it from the oven once cold and open to drop the ash into a bin.

To clean the Igneus, Delivita and Clementi oven ranges, use a rake/ brush to remove the cold embers from the cooking area. To clean the outside of the oven simply use washing up liquid and a sponge. Please note that you should never wet the firebricks or stone oven floor as it makes them weaken. To clean the Igneus Ceramiko range of pizza ovens, use a brush to remove the cold ash from the oven. Do not use water to clean the cooking stone or external areas.

If cooking with wood on the Gozney Dome, use a brush to sweep the cold ash into the ash basket once the oven is cooled down. Externally, use a soft cloth and water to clean the canopy. If you plan on leaving your pizza oven outdoors all year, we recommend you purchase a cover for the oven. Only use the cover once the pizza oven has fully cooled down.

How long will delivery of my pizza oven take?

We aim to ship goods out the next working day from our UK warehouse, however this is dependent on which oven type you have ordered and if it is in stock.

Please see our delivery page for full details regarding delivery. Please note deliveries take place Monday-Friday and not during weekends or bank holidays.

If you order is a ‘Backorder / Pre-order’ then please call or email us for more information. If you have any questions about delivery, then call us on 01423 608648 or email