When buying a pizza oven, you are bound to have some questions you need answers to. Naturally we are happy to try and answer any questions you have, however here are a few of the most frequent pizza oven related questions we get asked…


Are your pizza ovens wood-fired?


We believe that wood-fired pizza ovens always deliver the very best tasting pizzas. We also believe that everyone should be able to afford a pizza oven which can cook great tasting stone baked pizzas in their garden, which is why we have launched our range of affordable and totally portable pizza ovens!

We also sell ovens which are compatible with gas. These are the Uuni 3, Uuni Pro and Firepod.

Do I need to install my new pizza oven?

The Uuni, Uuni Pro and Firepod all have parts that need assembling. They all come with instructions to help you out.

The Igneus Range takes a few minutes to assemble (placing the bricks into the oven and slotting the chimney on top). You will also need to give the Igneus pizza ovens 2 blind firings before cooking. The blind firing instructions are included with your oven.

If you purchased the Igneus Classico with stand or the Clementi Pulcinella/ Pizza Party, then you will have to assemble the stands. All instructions are included.

What sized pizzas can I cook?

All pizza ovens that we stock can easily cook one 12 inch pizza.

We also sell ovens which can cook more than one pizza at a time…

Uuni Pro: 2x pizzas

Igneus Classico: 2x pizzas

Clementi 60×60: 2x pizzas

Clementi 80×60: 4x pizzas

Clementi 100×80: 5x pizzas

Can I cook anything else in my new pizza oven?

All ovens that we stock can cook more than pizza. The size of the oven will determine what can be cooked. Here are what each oven can cook:

Pizza & BBQ Style food: 

Uuni 3


Pizza, BBQ Style Food, Roast Dinners, Breads, Casseroles and more:

Uuni Pro

Igneus Range


Clementi Range

Will I need any accessories for my new pizza oven?

We sell a range of accessories for each pizza oven brand that we stock.

The Uuni 3 comes with a pizza peel. All you need to do is buy a bag of pellets and you are ready to start cooking. We also stock additional accessories for the Uuni 3 pizza oven.

The Igneus Minimo comes with a peel and rake, you just need to purchase some silver birch wood to fuel the oven.

The Igneus Bambino and Classico require a peel and rake to use with the ovens. These are not included with the oven price.

The Firepod comes with a pizza peel and heat-proof gloves. You will need to purchase some gas to hook up to your oven.

The Clementi Range requires a pizza peel and brush to be used. These are not included in the oven price.

If you plan on leaving your pizza oven outside all year, we reccomend you purchase a cover. 


How do I maintain my new pizza oven?

To clean your pizza oven, make sure the fire has completely gone out and the oven is fully cooled down. 

With the Uuni 3, you simple remove and empty the tray at the back of the oven. Then use washing up liquid and a sponge to clean the outside of the oven.

To clean the Igneus, Delivita and Clementi Range of ovens, use a rake/ brush to remove the embers from the cooking area. You can lift the firebricks out of the oven and sweep up any residue left. To clean the outside of the oven simply use washing up liquid and a sponge. Please note that you should never wet the firebricks as the makes them weaker.

If you plan on leaving your pizza oven outdoors all year, we recommend you purchase a cover for the oven. Only use the cover once the pizza oven has fully cooled down.

How long will my pizza oven take to deliver?

We aim to have your order delivered within a week of purchasing as long as we have your order in stock.

Please note deliveries take place Monday-Friday and not during weekends.

If you do not think you will be in when your delivery is scheduled please call us on 01423 608 648 to organise a place to leave the product or alternative delivery date.

If you order is ‘Available on back order’ please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Deliveries will not take place on Bank holidays.

If you have any questions about delivery then call us on 01423 608648 or email sales@thepizzaovenshop.com 

Are your pizza oven prices good value for money?

Yes, our online prices start at just £199. Traditionally, to get a pizza oven installed into your garden it would cost you anything from £1,000 to £3,000, so for many years, having the thrill of making home baked stone baked pizzas in your garden has been the luxury of the wealthy.

But now we are able to bring you a high quality, low cost solution, which will produce beautiful stone baked flavoursome pizzas in a matter of minutes, meaning your friends, family and children can enjoy the excitement of making their very own pizza in your garden.