Where to buy wood for your oven…

To get the best performance out of your wood fired pizza oven we advise you to use Kiln-dried hardwood. We recommend that you use Kiln-dried Silver Birch.

Here at the Pizza Oven Shop, we do sell a pizza oven wood bundle. Below we have compiled a shortlist of Wood merchants across the UK who should be able to assist you with sourcing the correct wood for your oven.

Please note we have not tested each supplier and results may vary.  

North Yorkshire

Harrogate Log Store | www.theharrogatelogstore.co.uk

Copswain Logs | www.copswainlogs.co.uk

Logg | www.logg.co.uk

Wetherby Logs | www.wetherbylogs.co.uk

North East

Forest Fuel Store | www.forestfuelstore.co.uk

GD Logs | www.gdlogs.co.uk

Durham Logs | www.durhamlogs.co.uk

Tees Valley Firewood | www.teesvalleyfirewood.co.uk

Dalby Firewood | www.dalbyfirewood.com

North West

Logs Direct | www.logsdirect.co.uk

Premier Logs | www.premierlogs.co.uk

Timperley Logs | www.timperleylogs.co.uk

Delamere Logs | www.delamerelogs.co.uk

Chantler Firewood | www.chantlerfirewood.co.uk

The Log People | www.thelogpeople.co.uk

West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Log Sales | www.westyorkshirelogsales.co.uk

Garforth Logs | www.garforthlogsandfirewood.co.uk

East Yorkshire

Holderness Logs | www.holdernesslogs.co.uk

Logs for sale | www.logsforsale.co.uk

J Melton Tree Service | www.jmeltontreeservice.co.uk

North Wales

Cadwaladr Woodland | www.cadwaladrwoodlandproducts.co.uk

Mynydd Timber Services | www.mynyddtimberservices.co.uk

The Log People | www.thelogpeople.co.uk


The Log Depot | www.thelogdepot.co.uk

Warm2Wood | www.warm2wood.co.uk

Cardiff Logs | www.cardifflogs.co.uk

The Firewood Company | www.firewoodcompany.co.uk


London Firewood | www.londonfirewood.co

London Log | www.londonlogco.com

Fine Logs | www.finelogs.co.uk


Logs direct | www.logsdirect.co.uk

Ribble Logs | www.ribblelogs.co.uk

Lytham Logs | www.lythamlogs.co.uk

Kiln Dried Logs UK | www.kilndriedlogsuk.com

Old Field Log Store | www.oldfieldslogstore.co.uk

The Log People | www.thelogpeople.co.uk

Lucys Logs | www.lucyslogs.co.uk


Cosy Logs | www.cosylogs.co.uk

L&B Tree Services.logs | 07947478999

West Midlands

Joy Lane Forestry | www.joylaneandsons.com

The Log People | www.thelogpeople.co.uk


Martin Ball Firewood | www.martinballfirewood.co.uk

One man and his log | www.onemanandhislog.com

Aaland Firewood | www.aalandfirewood.co.uk

Hitchin Firewood | www.hitchinfirewood.co.uk

East of England

Firewood Norfolk | www.firewoodnorfolk.com

Fuel Sell | www.logs-coal-smokeless-fuels.co.uk

North Walsham Firewood | www.northwalsham-firewood-services.com

Chopsticks Firewood | www.chopsticks-firewood.co.uk

C Logs | www.c-logs.com

East Midlands

Bridgford Logs | www.bridgford-logs.co.uk

Stragglethorpe Firewood | www.stragglethorpefirewood.co.uk

South East

Logs U Like | www.logsulike.co.uk

Berties Wood Fuel | www.bertieswoodfuel.co.uk

Kent Log Company | www.kentlogcompany.co.uk

Logs Maidstone | www.logsmaidstone.co.uk

Log Heat | www.logheat.co.uk

Southampton Logs | www.southamptonlogs.co.uk

Hoff Logs | www.hofflogs.co.uk

Home Fire Logs | www.chichester-logs-firewood.co.uk

Brighton Log Center | www.i-got-wood.com

Oxford Charcoal Company | www.oxfordcharcoal.co.uk

South West

Walkers Logs | www.walkerslogs.co.uk

Kiln Dried Logs | www.kilndriedlogs.co.uk

Bristol and Bath Firewood | www.bristolandbathfirewood.co.uk

Top Grade Logs | www.topgradelogs.com

The Dry Log Company | www.thedrylogcompany.com

Devonshire Firewood | www.devon-firewood.co.uk

Winter Fuel Store | www.winterfuelstore.co.uk

South West Fuels | www.southwestfuels.net

Trusty Logs | www.trustylogs.co.uk

Firewood Supplies | www.firewoodsuppliesltd.co.uk


Aberdeen Firewood | www.aberdeenfirewood.com

Hardwood Logs | www.parkhillsawmill.com

Inverness Firewood | www.invernessfirewood.co.uk

Sylvestrus Firewood | www.sylvestrus.co.uk

Black Isle Firewood | www.blackislefirewood.co.uk

Bridgend Logs | www.bridgendlogs.co.uk

Tayside Forestry | www.taysideforestry.co.uk

Edinburgh Wood Fuel | www.edinburgh-woodfuel.co.uk

Lothian Logs | www.lothianlogs.co.uk