Igneus Pizza Oven Wood Bundle

Wood Suppliers

To get the best performance out of your wood fired pizza oven we advise you to use Kiln-dried hardwood, such as Alder or Silver Birch. Here at the Pizza Oven Shop, we sell a pizza oven wood bundle, which can be added to your oven order at checkout, to get you going straight out of the box when you receive your pizza oven delivery.

Our starter bundle is great to get you going, but long-term, it will make sense to try and source your logs locally so as to reduce shipping and therefore your carbon footprint. Below we have compiled a shortlist of Wood suppliers across the UK who should be able to assist you with sourcing the correct wood for your oven. Please note we have not tested each supplier and results and wood quality may vary.

North Yorkshire

North East

North West

West Yorkshire

East Yorkshire

North Wales





West Midlands


East of England

East Midlands

South East

South West


If you want to know more about the pizza ovens we sell and the fuel the use; call us on 01423 608 648.