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Aubergine Igneus Classico
Igneus Minimo Pizza Oven

If you’re really serious about pizza making, but don’t want to spend a fortune building an oven into your garden, then our fantastic Igneus pizza oven range is the ideal solution.

Beautifully built from 316 stainless steel the Igneus pizza oven range consists of three different sized ovens. The most popular size, is the Igneus Classico which has an interior cooking space which measures 600mm x 600mm, and is capable of cooking two pizzas at the same time, or two medium sized roasting tins together. Our middle sized oven is the Igneus Bambino which has an interior cooking space which measures 500mm x 500mm, and is capable of cooking one pizza at a time, or taking one large roasting tin. The smallest and most recent addition is the Igneus Minimo, which has been designed to be totally portable, yet it will still cook a 12″ pizza as well as a full roast chicken dinner (including Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes) or a tasty lasagne.

These architecturally stunning pizza ovens are based on exactly the same design. The Igneus classico and Bambino ovens have an insulated interior cooking space lined with fire bricks. The fire bricks hold the heat and deliver a superb crispy pizza based pizza in around 60-80 seconds. The Classico will happily cook two dinner plate sized pizzas at the same time, the Bambino will cook one pizza up to 14″ with ease and the Minimo will cook one 12″ pizza at a time. Every Igneus oven is able to cook a wide variety of other foods such as lasagne, cannelloni, meat roasts, casseroles, baked bread, pulled pork and much, much more.

Both the larger ovens have a built in thermometer, a sturdy steel door, a stainless steel fireguard and a polished steel removable chimney and top cowl, however the larger Igneus Classico also has the benefit of a vent control system on the door and chimney. Both of these amazing pizza ovens are lit using kindling and will get up to pizza making heat in under 15 minutes. Once up to heat, they burn 2 small logs at a time (these should burn for around 25 minutes) and will reach their best heat using seasoned or kiln dried wood (we recommend silver birch for pizza making).

The Igneus range offers an oven for every budget and they only weigh 15kg (Minimo), 35kg (Bambino) and 45kg (Classico) in total, so they can be lifted and moved around the garden with ease (just remove the bricks when moving). Igneus ovens are perfect for use on a table top, or on a purpose built stand or outdoor cooking area. Alternatively, we now have a bespoke stainless steel stand available for the Igneus Classico, which can be bought with or without wheels and shelves. What’s more, if you remove the chimney, any of these fantastic ovens will fit into the boot of a family hatchback, so you can take it to a friend’s house! We have also developed a bespoke high quality all weather cover specifically designed to fit the Igneus Classico and Bambino pizza oven, which we strongly recommend using if you intend to leave your oven outside.

The Igneus Minimo pizza oven comes in Matt Black only.

The Igneus Bambino pizza oven comes in three colours: Matt Black, Antique Copper and Verdigris Blue.

The Igneus Classico pizza oven comes in six colours: Black, Red, Verdigris Blue, Antique Copper, Aubergine and Graphite.

Due to incredible customer demand, these ovens sell very, very quickly, so we would recommend that you place your order quickly. Our stocks are limited as we are rarely in the position of being able to hold stock for very long, such is the demand for these amazing pizza ovens.

The igneus range has three oven sizes

Igneus Minimo Pizza Oven
Igneus Bambino pizza oven
Igneus Bambino pizza oven
Igneus Bambino Dimensions
Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven
Igneus Classico pizza oven

Cook meats, vegetables, breadS and more...

stand available for the igneus classico

Igneus Classico Stand
Igneus Classico Trolley Stand

frequently asked questions


We sell three sizes in the Igneus Range. The smallest is the Minimo, the middle size is the Bambino and largest is the Classico.

The Minimo has an internal cooking area of 30x40cm. With external dimensions of 525mm x 440mm. It is only 15kg.

The Bambino has an internal cooking area of 50x50cm. Externally this oven measures 570mm x 590mm. Weight – 35kg

The Igneus Classico has a cooking area of 60x60cm. Externally this oven measures 660mm x 680mm. Weight – 45kg

Cooking Facts

All Igneus cook a pizza in 60-80 seconds!

Minimo – Cooks one 12 inch pizza

Bambino – Cooks one 14 inch pizza

Classico – Cooks two 12 inch pizza’s

All three ovens get up to temperature (450-500c) in 15 minutes.

Oven Differences

The Igneus Minimo is the smallest in the range and will cook a 12 inch pizza. Weighing only 15kg the Minimo is a fully portable pizza oven, perfect for taking on holiday. It can also hold a small roasting tin, allowing you to cook a roast dinner and more…

The Igneus Bambino will cook one 14 inch pizza at a time, but can hold a large roasting tin, meaning you can still cook a roast dinner, including meat, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings for a family of four. it will also cook loaves of bread, casseroles, steaks, bbq ribs, etc, etc. Weighs only 35kg.

The Igneus Classico can cook 2 pizzas at a time as well as 2 roasting tins at once, so if you’re wanting larger scale catering for parties, then the Igneus Classico is the perfect choice. The Classico also has a damper system built into the chimney, which allows for more accurate control of the oven’s cooking temperature.

Reccomended Accessories

Igneus Minimo

Comes with a pizza peel and embers rakes included. We reccomend you purchase the heat-proof gloves to keep you as safe as possible when using the oven.

Igneus Bambino

We suggest you purchase the 12″ short handled peel and embers rake. These tools are essentials when cooking on the Bambino. If you are planning on leaving the oven outside all year round, then we suggest you purchase the Bambino Cover.

Igneus Classico

We reccomend you purchase the 12″ long handled peel and embers rake. We also have an all weather cover to keep your Classico clean.