DIY SOS Christmas Special – The Igneus Classico!

The DIY SOS team descended on Swansea to tackle one of their biggest challenges to date: building a centre and supported housing for young people in care and leaving care. This special DIY SOS shares the stories from some of Wales’ most vulnerable young people as well as the founder of the Roots Foundation Wales, […]

The new 2016 Uuni 2s pizza oven is in stock now!

Welcome to the amazing Uuni 2s! This amazing stainless steel Uuni 2s pizza oven blew us away when we tested it. It looks very cool, is built to an incredible standard and it cooks amazing stone baked pizzas in less than 90 seconds! What’s more, it has a pizza peel, folding legs and a stone baking board as standard, yet it weighs only 10kg, […]