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Pizza Oven Maintenance: Caring for your Investment

No matter how long you’ve had your pizza oven, how many pizzas you’ve launched, and how many guests you’ve impressed with your creations over the years, spills and stains occur in any oven, even to the best of us! Cleaning pizza ovens however is very different to cleaning conventional ovens. For one thing, you should […]

Is a pizza oven worth it?

Is a Pizza Oven Worth Investing in?

So, you’re thinking about purchasing a pizza oven. With the wide range of manufacturers and array fuel options, heat ranges, colours, styles and even accessories, it can be hard to know which would be the right pizza oven for you and if it’s worth the investment. So to help welcome new pizza aficionados into the […]

Leopard Spotting Pizza - The Pizza Oven Shop uk

The Secret to Achieving Perfect Leopard Spotting Every Time

When it comes to Neapolitan pizza, there a few more distinctive hallmarks than the leopard spotting adorning the aerated crust. One of the key characterises of classic Neapolitan pizza is that of the high cooking temperature used to make them. A direct result of those high temperatures is the charring of the ‘puffed up’ crust, […]

Brad Leone Gozney Roccbox portable gas pizza oven

Introducing the new Brad Leone Roccbox by Gozney (Limited Edition)

The Gozney x Brad Leone Roccbox Limited Edition was designed for chef, forager, and larger-than-life personality Brad Leone. Working with the Gozney design team, Brad wanted the signature colorway to unite his culinary exploration with the rugged outdoors. The dark green is inspired by his local Connecticut forests, and, etched into the oven’s faceplate, the […]