Igneus Minimo portable wood fired garden pizza oven

Igneus Minimo Pizza Oven

The Igneus Minimo is the smallest pizza oven in our range and is totally portable at only 15kg. This portability means that you can take it on holiday with you, to the seaside or even over to a friend’s house for a pizza party… and it’s perfect for use by camping, caravan and motor-home enthusiasts because it is so versatile, you can literally use it to cook every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fuelled by small 6″ pieces of wood (silver birch is best), the Igneus Minimo takes around 15 minutes to get up to cooking heat and it will cook a superb 12″ stone baked pizza in roughly 80 seconds. Because of the way the oven is designed, you can also cook a roast dinner for a small family, cook a lasagne or a casserole and you can even bake bread, sourdough or puddings such as apple crumble!

Assembling the Minimo oven is easy; all you need to do is slide the chimney onto the collar of the oven and click it into place. Then place the cooking stone inside the oven and you’re ready to get fired up….it really is that easy!

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Height 63cm

Width – 41cm

Length – 49cm

Cooking area – 30X40cm

Weight – 15kg 

Heat up time – 15 minutes

Maximum temperature – 500°C

Cooking speed – Pizza in 80 seconds

Capacity – 12″ pizza/small roasting tin

Recommended fuel – Kiln dried/seasoned silver birch small offcuts

Materials – Stainless steel 316/powder coated aluminium

Warranty – 1 year from date of purchase

Colour – Stainless steel

Includes – oven, removable chimney, cooking stone, built-in stand, pizza peel & rake

Igneus Minimo Portable Pizza Oven

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