Cast Iron Skillet

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If you are thinking about getting a cast iron skillet pan / dish, we have some wonderful options. Choose from pan sets which include frying pans, skillet pans, roasting trays and even Tuscan grills! A cast iron skillet pan is a must have if you own a pizza oven.

Designed in the UK. Gozney are known as one of the best pizza oven makers. Their range of home use ovens combines everything they have learnt from their many years of continuous product development. The easy to use home use range features two oven types; the Roccbox, a superb portable gas (or wood) fired oven; and the brand new Dome, a highly versatile multi-fuel fired garden oven. The Gozney Arc Pizza Oven is the latest addition to the range.

(8) £135.00 inc. Vat
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(2) £49.00 inc. Vat