Enjoy your own wood burning pizza oven

Cooking outdoors in a wood fired pizza oven is fast becoming a very popular way of entertaining and has been experiencing an incredible rise in popularity over recent months, with wood fired pizza oven sales rising steadily each year. Yet this fantastic method of cooking has for a long time been the privilege of the wealthy few rather than the right of the common man. That is, until now. Our objective is to bring a high quality product into the UK market, which is affordable to almost everybody, rather then just the wealthy. For the cost of a half decent barbecue, you can now buy a fantastic wood fired pizza oven, which will cook authentic stone-baked Italian tasting pizzas in just 2 or 3 minutes. What’s more, with our amazing package deals, you can buy your pizza oven with a full set of accessories for just £149.99, and you can get cooking literally straight out of the box! These amazing wood fired pizza ovens are proving to be extremely popular with families who don’t want to (or simply can’t afford to) spend thousands of pounds, but who want to enjoy the wonderful experience of making their own home baked wood fired pizzas in the comfort of their own garden.