NEW! Clementino Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven

The Clementino is so versatile, you can cook using wood or gas, or you can use gas to get the oven up to heat, then switch to wood when cooking! Clementi build is your assurance of the highest quality…


  • Brand: Clementi
  • Fuel: Dual Fuel (Wood & Gas)
  • Cooking time: 60-80 seconds
  • Heat up time: Approx’ 15 minutes
  • Capacity: 60×40 – 1x 12″ pizza
  • Built in thermometer: Keep track of the heat of the pizza oven with the thermometer
  • Fuel: Cook using wood or gas 
  • Damper system: Chimney damper allows you to control air flow
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Impressive Speed

In terms of speed, the Italian Clementino pizza oven is truly remarkable. It can cook a 12″ pizza in an astonishing 60 to 80 seconds. This rapid cooking time is a testament to the oven’s ability to quickly and efficiently reach high temperatures, ensuring that your pizzas are cooked to perfection with a coveted crispy crust and bubbly, gooey cheese.

Precision with Built-In Thermometer

To maintain precision and control throughout the cooking process, the Clementino comes equipped with a built-in thermometer. This feature allows continuous monitoring of the temperature inside the cooking chamber, a crucial factor for achieving consistently exceptional results. It ensures that you maintain the ideal temperature range for perfect pizza-making, even as conditions fluctuate during cooking.

Adjustable Design Features

The Clementino’s design incorporates a damper system on the removable chimney, offering temperature control by allowing you to adjust airflow and heat levels within the oven. This provides the means to customize your cooking environment, whether you require intense heat for quick pizza preparation or lower temperatures for slow roasting or other culinary experiments.

Convenient Removable Door

For enthusiasts of slow cooking, the Clementino’s removable door is an invaluable addition. By placing the door in position, you can create a more insulated and controlled environment, ideal for slow-cooking dishes beyond pizzas.

wood and gas pizza oven
wood and gas pizza oven
wood and gas pizza oven

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