Accessories You Need to Raise your Pizza Game

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When it comes to making pizza, there’s so much to enjoy. Preparing your wood or gas fuelled oven. Smelling the aroma of the fire heating up. Preparing your ingredients. Making the dough. Then seeing it all culminate in an aromatic, perfectly baked charred crust that you can sink your teeth into.

But did you know there are a number of accessories that can take your pizza making game to the next level? We’ve compiled a list of the ones we’d most recommend you purchase. They will not only make your life easier, but should also improve the end product. Let’s dive in.

Infrared Digital Thermometer

Depending on whether your pizza oven is wood, or gas fired, it can typically expect to exceed 450°C in order to achieve the perfect charred crust. Of course, because this is an extreme level of heat and pizza ovens do not come with dials to control the temperature you may be wary of getting too close to gauge how hot your pizza oven actually is.

Introducing the infrared digital thermometer! Of course, safety is one thing, but ensuring your oven is up to the correct temperature is also an important factor to achieve the perfect cook on your pizza. No longer will you have to worry about whether your pizza oven is ready to perfectly cook your pizza as you can simply point the gun towards the centre of the stone, and the thermometer gives you the exact temperature reading. This means you can have consistently perfectly cooked pizza’s every time.

The thermometer can measure temperatures between -50°C to 750°C so you know precisely the right time to launch. The temperature can be measured in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on what you’re most familiar with.

Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer - Igneus pizza oven accessories uk
Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer - Igneus pizza oven accessories uk
Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer
Dual platform digital scales

Tired of the guesswork when it comes to measuring your dough ingredients? Our dual platform digital scales can measure ingredients to as close as a 10th of a gram! This ensures you use exactly the right quantity ingredients for your dough, which as we know is a bit of a science to get it perfect! With a dual LCD display you can have your measurements to the milligrams. There’s also no need to worry about deep cleaning the scales.

Made from stainless steel and plastic, a wipe over with a damp cloth and antibacterial spray will do the trick! The scales also have two platforms with a custom measuring dish so you can easily store them without needing to dig out all the pots from the cupboard. Battery powered; the dual scales can support up to:

  • 10,000g | 22lb | 10,000 ml | 350fl.oz for the large scale with increments of 1g | 0.1oz | 1ml | 0.1fl.oz.
  • Or 200g Max 200g | 0.4lb | 200ml | 7fl.oz with increments of 0.1g | 0.02oz | 0.1ml | 0.02fl.oz for the smaller scale.
Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales - pizza oven accessories - the pizza oven shop uk
Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales - pizza oven accessories - the pizza oven shop uk
Ooni Dual Platform Digital Scales - pizza oven accessories - the pizza oven shop uk
Launch peels and spinners

Pizza peels are an essential tool to not only safely launch your pizza without burning your hands, but also their unique design ensures the pizza slides off the peel without a hitch, and the holes allow any excess flour on the bottom of your pizza to drop off and fulfil your dream of at least looking like a professional pizzeria chef. Usually made from wood or metal, pizza peels are also less likely to damage your perfectly cooked delicate crust.

Similarly, we would also strongly advise you opt for a pizza spinner or turning peel. Pizza spinners are a peel that helps you turn your pizza around easily whilst it is cooking. This helps the pizza to cook evenly ensuring you have a piping hot, melt in the middle pizza with an evenly charred crust. Luckily with our elite accessory bundle you don’t need to choose between the two as both are included! The bundle is also accompanied with a cleaning brush with a scraper for dealing with stubborn scorches on your pizza oven and a 120cm embers rake to move the wood and embers safely around the oven to clean down even faster! Order yours here.

Igneus 12 inch standard pizza peel
Igneus Pro Spinner - Igneus pizza oven accessories - uk
Pizza rocker cutters

Tired of struggling with traditional pizza cutters that never seem to slice through your pizza crust and toppings efficiently, or worse still using a knife!? If so, a pizza rocker cutter is the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. The curved blade of the pizza rocker cutter allows you to rock it back and forth, cutting through the pizza in one fluid motion. This makes it easy to achieve a clean, even cut every time, without squishing or flattening your pizza.

A pizza rocker cutter will make short work of slicing through the thickest crusts or chewiest toppings so you can create restaurant quality pizzas from the comfort of your home. Our pro 35cm rocker cutter is made from quality stainless steel so you can be sure that it is both easy to clean and will serve you for years to come. Take advantage of our sale where you can buy a rocker cutter for just £8.50 whilst stocks last!

Igneus Pro Rocker Cutter - igneus accessories
Pizza Topping Stations

Looking to entertain family and friends with your pizza oven? You can look like a true pizzeria chef with your own pizza topping stations! Allow guests to choose and sprinkle their toppings from your own Ooni Pizza topping station. Containing two medium size tubs of 1.6L and four smaller tubs at 0.8L you can separate your sauces and toppings with ease. If you are cooking for the whole family this allows you to locate your ingredients in a convenient and accessible manner. The Ooni pizza topping station comes with clear lids so you can keep the toppings fresh and sit down to enjoy your pizza faster rather than taking everything back to the kitchen or worrying about cleaning down. The station is portable and perfect for taking on holiday with your portable oven, at a weight of just 3.9kg. You can find your new pizza topping station here.

Ooni Pizza Topping Station
Ooni Pizza Topping Station
Ooni Pizza Topping Station

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