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Introducing The Pizza Oven Shop España

Our Spanish franchisee The Pizza Oven Shop España are now live!

For generations, Spain has been a magnet for British holidaymakers, drawn to its diverse landscapes, warm Mediterranean climate, and a culture that celebrates life to the fullest. But what sets the scene apart is the substantial number of Brits who have decided to take their love affair with Spain to the next level. Whether it’s retiring to the sun-drenched coasts, seeking a change of scenery, or investing in holiday homes, Spain has become a true sanctuary for those in search of a slower, more fulfilling (and warmer!) way of life.

So, why are we talking about Spain all of a sudden? Well, we have big news to announce! The Pizza Oven Shop is proud to announce its expansion into Spain, serving both British expats, holidaymakers and of course the people of Spain as well! So, let’s dive into our latest blog to find out all about it!

The Pizza Oven Shop España

Spain & Pizza… a marriage made in… Heaven?

Pizza, while of course not originally a Spanish creation, has found a cherished place within the hearts and palates of the people of Spain. In Spain, pizza is more than just a delicious Italian import; it’s a testament to the country’s love for international flavours, which is one of the key characteristics which makes Spain such an attractive place for Brits to holiday or set up home abroad. Spaniards have fused their culinary heritage with this Italian classic, resulting in dishes like Coca de Trampó which is a Mediterranean-style flatbread topped with regional ingredients like tomatoes, olives, and olive oil.

So, which Brands are Available?

To begin with we’re focusing on two of our best-selling brands, Clementi and Igneus Wood Fired Ovens. Here’s a little more information.


Clementi offer ovens across a whole range of different sizes and specifications, including superior wood, gas, and professional ovens. Their ovens are a testament to the art of Italian craftsmanship and culinary tradition which are renowned for their exceptional quality, innovative design with a commitment to authenticity. Crafted in Italy, the birthplace of pizza, Clementi ovens can reach temperatures of over 500°c quickly, allowing for the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza in just 60 seconds. The Pizza Oven Shop España stock the following Clementi pizza ovens.

Clementino wood fired pizza oven

Clementino (Dual Fuel)

Clementi Original Wood Fired Pizza Oven - the pizza oven shop uk

Clementi (Wood / Gas)

Clementi Gold wood fired pizza oven

Clementi Gold (Wood / Gas)

Clementi Crosti Electric Indoor Pizza Oven

Clementi Crosti (Electric)


The Igneus Wood Fired Oven range comprises five wood-fired pizza ovens, encompassing three models for household use and two designed for professional use. These ovens consistently deliver exquisite stone-baked pizzas in just 60-80 seconds, as well as other foodie creations we will outline below! Offering exceptional value for money, a stylish design, superior craftsmanship and rapid heat up times, the Igneus range is a preferred choice among discerning pizza oven enthusiasts.

Handcrafted in Portugal, Igneus ovens cater to individuals with a passion for cooking, extending beyond pizza preparation. Their domed configuration ensures swift, efficient cooking of pizzas, as well as the roasting and pan-frying of a variety of foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, and more. The Pizza Oven Shop España will stock the following Igneus Pizza Ovens.

Family Range

Igneus Classico (Wood Fired)
Igneus Pro 600 wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Pro 600 (Wood Fired)
Igneus Pro 750 wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Pro 750 (Wood Fired)

What Spanish dishes can I cook in my pizza oven?

The versatile nature of pizza ovens enables a wide range of culinary creations, from crispy, wood-fired pizzas to succulent roasted meats and vegetables. Spanish cuisine features a range of classic dishes that are traditionally cooked over wood fires, imparting a unique and smoky flavour, meaning you can recreate these Spanish favourites in your very own pizza oven!


One of Spain’s most iconic dishes, paella is typically cooked in a wide, shallow pan over an open flame. The wood fire enhances the smokiness of this saffron-infused rice dish, often prepared with a variety of ingredients like chicken, rabbit, seafood, or vegetables.

Chorizo a la Sidra

This dish hails from the northern region of Asturias. It involves chorizo sausages simmered in cider and then grilled over a wood fire. The wood smoke and the cider’s tangy sweetness combine to create a unique flavour profile.

Sardines a la Plancha

Along the coasts of Spain, sardines are a popular choice for grilling over wood fires. They are often marinated in olive oil, garlic, and herbs, enhancing their rich, smoky taste.


Common in Catalonia, calçots are green onions grilled directly over flames until they are charred and tender. They are typically served with a romesco sauce, making for a delightful and smoky treat.

Bacalao a la Llauna

Bacalao, or salted cod, is often prepared by grilling over wood fires in Catalonia. The dish is known for its crispy skin and tender, flaky flesh, typically served with a garlicky tomato sauce.

Pulpo a la Gallega

In Galicia, octopus is often cooked over a wood fire, then drizzled with olive oil and paprika. This method enhances the octopus’s tenderness and infuses it with a smoky aroma.

And there you have it, a selection of Spanish classics you can try in your very own pizza oven, in your Spanish bolthole! What could be better? Although these Spanish dishes are traditionally cooked over wood fire, you can easily impart the same smoky, rich flavour using a pizza oven.

If you own a holiday home in Spain and we’ve tempted you to find out how a Clementi or Igneus Pizza Oven could transform your next visit to Spain, visit the website or give our Spanish colleagues a call directly on +34633249983.

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