How to clean your pizza oven

How to Clean Your Pizza Oven

Knowing how to clean your pizza oven the best way depends on a few things:

What fuel does your pizza oven use?

If your oven is wood fired and the wood sits directly on the stones you can clean it the following way. Wait for the embers to cool down fully. Then get a dust pan & brush and sweep all embers out of the oven. Because of the high temperatures that the stones reach, the heat when cooking acts as a natural sanitation. With gas pizza ovens you can use a wire brush and sweep the bricks to remove food residue. If your oven has removable stones you can also flip them over once the oven has cooled.

What is the oven made from?

If the external of your oven is made from metal you have a few options on how to clean it. For any painted metal parts simply use some washing up soap and a sponge when the oven is cooled. This allows you to remove any soot residue. For none painted stainless steel parts you can use Pink Stuff (make sure you use cleaning gloves). Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste is very abrasive so make sure you don’t get any on your skin or get any on painted parts of you oven as it may remove the paint. Alternatively you can also use Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover on the stainless steel parts.

If the external of your pizza oven is made from brick, stone or render the best way to clean it is using a brush. If you have rendered your pizza oven you may need to use a sealant frequently as well as fill in any visible cracks.

Keep your oven safe with a cover

We recommend that you purchase a cover for your oven. This is so that it is protected from the elements when not in use. See our accessories section for more details.

In winter, if your pizza oven is moveable we advise bringing it inside. Either into a garage or a shed, so that it is protected from very cold extremes in temperature. Because most the ovens we sell are all easy to move around your garden, this is a very simple task. If you do leave it outside during winter, it should be covered up and preferably insulated. However you need to be aware that the oven is susceptible to frost and could be damaged in cold weather if not correctly protected. It is ok to use your oven at any time of year and in any weather. Although we do suggest that you avoid very strong winds for obvious reasons.

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How to clean your Gozney Roccbox pizza oven
How to clean your pizza oven

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