Meater 2 Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer

Why a Wireless Meat Thermometer is an Essential Tool

So, you’ve discovered the unbelievable benefits of using your pizza oven for cooking the best roast meat and fish ever! That’s great, now it’s time to perfect those prime cuts into something that’s dreamily succulent, moist, tender. As well as most importantly cooked to your and your guests liking. For smaller cuts of meat and fillets of fish such as a sirloin steak or salmon fillet, it’s relatively easy to assess if it’s cooked right by using touch and feel. However, for large joints of meat and whole fish, it can be a little more tricky. That’s where a wireless meat thermometer comes in! In this blog, we’ll delve into why this piece of tech isn’t just an accessory but an essential tool. Allowing you to master the art of cooking meat and fish in your pizza oven.

What Is a Wireless Meat Thermometer?

A wireless meat thermometer is a gadget that has revolutionised the way we monitor the internal temperature of meat and fish. Unlike traditional thermometers that require you to constantly check the temperature manually, a wireless meat thermometer frees you from this tedious task. This is by providing real-time temperature readings remotely. It consists of two main components. A probe that you insert into the meat and a digital display or smartphone app that communicates wirelessly with the probe. This allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your meat from a distance. Giving you the flexibility to attend to other tasks or socialise with your guests without worrying about overcooking or undercooking your food.

With a wireless meat thermometer, precision cooking becomes effortless. You can set custom temperature alerts to notify you when your meat reaches the desired level of cooking, whether it’s rare, medium, or well-done. This ensures consistent results every time, whether you’re roasting a prime rib or whole seabass in your pizza oven. All you have to do is insert the thermometer into your food, set the temperature in the app on your phone, and then sit back and relax! It really couldn’t be easier.

Meater 2 Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer
Meater 2 Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

What are the Main Differences from a Traditional Meat Thermometer

When comparing wireless meat thermometers to traditional alternatives, several key differences emerge. Each of which contribute to a more seamless cooking experience.

Freedom of Movement

Unlike traditional meat thermometers that require you to stay close to the oven or grill to monitor the temperature manually, wireless thermometers provide freedom of movement. With a wireless thermometer, you can step away from the heat source and engage in other tasks. All the while still keeping an eye on the cooking progress.

Remote Monitoring

Traditional meat thermometers typically feature a dial or digital display attached to a probe. This requires you to physically check the temperature. In contrast, wireless thermometers offer remote monitoring capabilities. By connecting to a smartphone app, you can monitor the temperature of your meat from a distance. Particularly useful for outdoor cooking, especially in the colder months when you might want the wood fired taste on your roast meat and fish, but don’t want to have to spend too much time outside in the cold.

Precision and Consistency

Wireless meat thermometers often boast advanced features such as pre-set cooking temperatures and customisable alerts. These features enhance precision and consistency in cooking. Ensuring that your meats and fish are cooked to perfection every time. By eliminating guesswork and providing real-time temperature readings, wireless thermometers allow home cooks to achieve restaurant quality results with ease. When cooking with high temperatures that can be achieved in a pizza oven, it’s all too easy to overcook meat. Especially fish making it dry and often tough. With a wireless meat thermometer this is seldom the case.

Meater 2 Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer
Meater 2 Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Cooking Guide & Key Temperatures

To ensure accurate readings and optimal cooking results, follow these simple steps for inserting the probe into the meat or fish:

1. Insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat or fish. Do this away from bones, fat, or gristle, as these can affect the accuracy of the temperature reading.

2. Insert the probe into the meat at a slight angle to ensure it reaches the centre while still leaving enough space for juices to flow around it.

3. Make sure the probe is securely inserted. However, avoid pushing it too far as this can affect the accuracy of the reading.

Beef or Lamb

Cooking Level Temp out of oven
Rare 48-52°C
Medium Rare 55-59°C
Medium 60-66°C
Well Done 67-71°C


Cooking Level Temp out of oven
Medium 60°C
Well Done 70°C


Cooking Level Temp out of oven


Cooking Level Temp out of oven

It’s important to rest both meat and fish once you’ve taken it out of the oven. This allows the protein to relax, and continue cooking residually. This resting time varies depending on what you’re cooking. Around 10 minutes for fish is fine, and 15-20 minutes for most meat is ideal. However, for larger joints, resting for 30+ minutes is also perfectly acceptable.

Our Recommendation

So, with all this talk of Wireless Meat Thermometers, which do we at The Pizza Oven Shop actually advocate and recommend you buy? The simple answer is the Meater 2 Plus Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 Coded PHY Long Range and can monitor temperatures of up to 550°C. This is particularly useful for use with pizza ovens as it can be left in the meat/fish over an open flame while cooking and searing.


We hope you found this article useful! A wireless meat thermometer is the ultimate accessory, especially alongside your beloved pizza oven. With precise temperature control, it ensures perfectly cooked meat and fish, every time. So say goodbye to guesswork and hello to culinary perfection!

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