Is a pizza oven worth it?

Is a Pizza Oven Worth Investing in?

So, you’re thinking about purchasing a pizza oven. With the wide range of manufacturers and array fuel options, heat ranges, colours, styles and even accessories, it can be hard to know which would be the right pizza oven for you and if it’s worth the investment. So to help welcome new pizza aficionados into the world of pizza, we’ve put together what you need to know and whether investing in a pizza oven is the right move for you.

The heat they can reach

Compared to a standard household convection oven which can only reach around 250°C as an absolute maximum, pizza ovens can range from this all the way up to over 500°C depending on the type and fuel involved. For example gas and hardwood fired pizza ovens can reach higher temperatures than wood pellet fired ovens. If you’re concerned about having a pizza oven around children, you can also choose options that are mounted or with a stand to take it out of reach for smaller kids.

The speed in which they cook and results compared against a convection oven

Even a homemade pizza cooked in a convection oven will typically take at the very least 10 minutes after warming it up. Once done, you may find that the crust is too hard, the toppings, dough or cheese is not to your taste or if you’ve forgotten to check on it; burnt. Depending on your toppings, it may also take longer for this to cook to your taste. Pizza ovens can typically produce a mouth-watering, authentic pizza with a charred crust in as little as 60 seconds. The difference in taste is sensational, with wood fired pizza ovens creating a flavoursome charred taste as well as a smoky aroma before, after and during cooking!

Most portable wood and gas fired pizza ovens typically take 15 minutes to warm up, but this is literally a case of connecting the gas to the pizza oven and lighting it.

Other foods you can cook in them

A larger pizza oven such as the Gozney Dome and Igneus Classico is capable of simultaneously cooking other types of foods to perfection. You can sear or roast meats, vegetables and fish dishes. Make lasagne for the whole family and watch as the cheese melts into the pasta. Bake bread. Sizzle steaks. This can allow you to wow your guests with the smell of fresh ingredients roasting away as you entertain them. You can even cook completely vegetarian dishes with a smoky taste and aroma.


Pizza ovens, depending on the manufacturer, fuel type and size have many portable options. Lightweight, these can range between 15-20 kg which is the equivalent of a high chair or bag of pet food from the supermarket. As a result, your pizza oven can follow you to the beach, camping, caravanning or any other excursion out.


In terms of cost, portable pizza ovens typically around the £300 mark. Larger, built in pizza ovens can be upwards of £2,000, so it all depends on your budget and how often you’d make use of your pizza oven. Typically, many of our customers start with a smaller oven and then come back a few years later for a size upgrade!

Key things to look for when buying

Aside from the other considerations we’ve delved into above, you’ll also want to consider the following:

Accessories – What accessories are included? We offer bundle packages where you can get all the essential accessories you’ll need. You’ll need a rake and brush for wood fired pizza ovens to ensure any ashes and debris can be cleaned. We would also recommend a pizza peel to ensure that you can retrieve your pizza easily without risking being burnt.

Fuel type – For gas fired pizza ovens, you will need to read each manufacturer’s product description carefully to ensure that you get the correct canister. Wood fired pizza ovens are somewhat simpler in purchasing the wood and pellets if you’d like to create specific aromas.

Storage requirements – do you have a shed or garage you can easily store this away to prevent rust?

Brand compatibility – We offer a range of different pizza ovens from a variety of manufacturers, so be careful to read product recommendations to ensure you don’t buy mismatched accessories that would not fit or reach a different sized pizza oven.

Gozney Dome dual fuel pizza oven
Clementi Gold wood fired pizza oven

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