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The Best Portable Pizza Ovens for Your Travels

Of all the foods in the world, pizza is perhaps one of the most universally beloved. There is something truly special about making your own pizza from scratch. One of the best ways to do this is by using a portable pizza oven. But many people shy away from buying a pizza oven because they think that it is difficult to set up and use. In reality, setting up a pizza oven is easier than you might think. So, we’ve created a small guide on how you can get started. As well as recommendations for the best portable pizza ovens you can take on your travels.

Choose the Right Location

The first step in setting up a pizza oven is choosing the right location. You’ll want to find a flat, stable surface that is away from anything that could catch fire. The best way to ensure you have a suitable surface is to invest in a stand, which will fit your pizza oven perfectly, whilst also having shelves and built-in hooks for your ingredients and accessories.

Assemble the Pizza Oven

Once you’ve selected your location, assembling the pizza oven is the next step. Pizza ovens provide clear instructions on how to put them together. It’s usually a simple process that you can complete in just a few minutes. Ensure that all the pieces are securely fastened together and that the oven is level. Most pizza ovens, especially those designed to be portable, will need minimum effort and be almost ready to use straight from unboxing.

Cure the Pizza Oven

Before you start cooking, you need to cure the pizza oven by heating it up gradually. The curing process helps remove any moisture from the oven and stone, ensuring it can withstand high temperatures without cracking. Follow the instructions that come with your oven to determine the correct curing process. It is advisable to do this before traveling with your oven for the first time.

Our Recommendations…

Igneus Minimo

Currently available as a mega bundle, the Minimo is a wood fired pizza oven weighing in at just 15kg. Capable of cooking a pizza in as little as 60 seconds. You can enjoy pizza almost anywhere providing there is a safe surface to cook on. The Minimo does require 10-15 minutes to heat up which compared to a larger pizza oven is lightning fast. If you opt for the mega bundle, you will also benefit from all of the included accessories.

Igneus Minimo portable wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Minimo portable wood fired garden pizza oven
Igneus Minimo portable camping pizza oven
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Igneus Bambino

The next size up in the Igneus range is the Igneus Bambino. Weighing in at just 17kg with the fire bricks removed, it’s super portable and has a larger capacity than the Minimo. Capable of roasting a 12” pizza in just a minute, the Bambino can reach temperatures of 450°C and above! Plus, the Bambino can easily fit a roasting tin if you fancy something other than pizza!

Igneus Bambino wood fired garden pizza oven in Matt Black
Igneus Bambino wood fired pizza oven - Matt Black
Igneus Bambino wood fired garden pizza oven
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The Full Ooni Range

Ooni are experts in producing quality, lightweight and affordable pizza ovens so we couldn’t just name one. The Ooni Koda 12 for example weighs just 9.25kg and is gas fired which makes it perfect for taking to the beach or camping holidays. Simply hook it up to a butane tank, wait 10-15 minutes and enjoy charred pizza perfection in just 1 minute of cooking time. If you love that wood smoked flavour and aroma, why not try the ooni Karu 12? Fuelled by a choice of wood or charcoal, there is a custom designed fuel tray at the back which improves the airflow and produces a powerful flame. The Ooni Karu weighs just 12kg and can also cook a pizza in just 60 seconds with 10-15 minutes heat up time.

Ooni portable pizza ovens
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The Gozney Roccbox

A restaurant grade gas burning pizza oven, the Roccbox is supplied with a gas burner designed to replicate a true wood flame. It also has a dual fuel option so you can use either gas and small kiln dried hardwood logs. The ability to switch between gas and wood fuel makes it ideal for traveling as you can literally reach incredible temperatures within minutes of turning the switch. The unique design of the Roccbox can make for some truly great adventures in the outdoors and camping, and lets face it, it looks damn cool!

Gozney Roccbox portable gas pizza oven - yellow
Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven
Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven
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Clementi Clementino

Perhaps more for those who’ve had a smaller, introductory pizza oven and have fallen in love with pizza ovens but still want the freedom of being able to take it wherever they wish. The Clementi Clementino features a built-in thermometer, a damper system to control air flow and dual fuel options. The Clementino is a premium high quality pizza oven capable of cooking pizza in 60 to 80 seconds. Weighing in at a slightly heavier 40kg, it’s heavier than it’s rivals which gives it a real sense of stability, whilst still being light enough to transport to different locations. Choose between anthracite or red for either a minimalist or vibrant look depending on your tastes.

Clementino portable wood fired pizza oven cooking pizza
wood and gas pizza oven
Clementino portable wood fired pizza oven
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DeliVita Wood Fired

The DeliVita wood fired pizza oven is inspired by traditional Roman ovens. As such it is perfect for also cooking flatbreads, roast vegetables, fish, meats and chicken! The shape is truly unique and can cook a perfectly baked pizza in just 90 seconds. The DeliVita also comes in 7 different colours; Berry Hot, Chilli Red, Emerald Fire, Hale Grey, Olive, Orange Blaze or Very Black. It’s perfect for smaller gardens and balconies, and weighing in at 30kg it’s ideal for taking to friends houses if their hosting a garden party. Just because choosing the perfect pizza oven wasn’t already hard enough!

Delivita outdoor garden pizza oven
Delivita outdoor wood fired garden pizza oven
Delivita outdoor pizza oven
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So, there you have it, a run-down of the best portable pizza ovens from the leading manufacturers. To summarise, we would advice thinking carefully about what you intend to use your pizza oven for. For example, if beach days and camping holidays are a regular occurrence for you, we’d stick to the lighter weight, super portable models such as the Igneus Minimo, Gozney Roccbox or the Ooni range of ovens. If though you think the majority of the time your pizza oven will be in your garden, but once every so often you might take it round to a friend’s house or take it to a holiday let, you can definitely opt for one of the heavier portable pizza ovens on the market such as the Clementi Clementino, or the DeliVita Wood Fired oven.

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