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Top 10 Weird & Wonderful Pizza Toppings

Weird & Wonderful Pizza Toppings

Okay, let us start by saying we’re massive fans of traditional, simple pizzas. In fact, give us a Margherita cooked using the freshest ingredients, and we’d be putty in your hands! But if you’re looking for new ideas for your pizza creations or are looking for some inspirational concepts that are a little less conventional, then we have the ultimate weird and wonderful pizza toppings for you. From all the way around the world, here are the quirkiest toppings we could get our hands on.

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1. Full English Breakfast Pizza

We thought we’d ease in with a dish from the UK… Full English Breakfast Pizza! Whilst it’s still not mainstream, Full English breakfast pizza has all your favourites. Including bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding, eggs and even toast! We hold no liability for what it will do to your arteries though…!

If you think egg on pizza is a step too far, this bit actually isn’t that far from tradition as you might expect. In fact, in Italy it’s known as Bismark Pizza, which is pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, and sunny-side-up eggs. So, perhaps not that weird after all!

2. Cone Crust

All the way from the United Arab Emirates, this type of pizza is renowned for the crust not the toppings. You may have tried the stuffed cheese crust, the American cheeseburger crust or pretzel stuffed crusts before, but chicken strips and honey mustard, wow! Because the crust is twisted into the shape of a cone and covered with parmesan cheese, it can be filled with all kinds of different ingredients. Cream cheese is said to be a favourite too. If you’re ever stuck between chicken or pizza, you now know what you need to do: make the best of both!

3. Shawarma Meat Pizza

Bear with us with this one! We recently asked our social media followers what they thought the most underrated pizza toppings are, and you’d be surprised how many people said Doner Kebab meat. Well, Shawarma is actually a popular Middle Eastern meal that is made from marinated meat, such as lamb, beef, and chicken, assembled into a kebab style and cooked on a rotisserie, and is one of the most popular street food dishes in the world. Despite being a Middle Eastern dish, Shawarma pizza is very popular as a topping in the Netherlands as well.

4. Kangaroo Pizza

Whilst we see them as cute jumping animals, on the other side of the world Kangaroo is considered a delicacy in many restaurants! What makes this even more of an interesting choice is that they chose to try it on pizza. Anything goes down under!

Although it might not be the easiest of ingredients to find on the supermarket shelves, specialist butchers do stock it or will at least be able to get their hands on it for you. Flavours that go really well with Kangaroo are somewhat more accessible though, garlic, rosemary beetroot, and fruity flavours such as – plum, red currant, or orange. Also try adding some crumbled feta on top of the pizza as well!

5. Pistachio, Shrimp and Plum Sauce Pizza

A pizzeria from Ohama, Nebraska offers up new toppings combinations each week as part of their specials. One that has reached us all the way across the pond is Pistachio, Shrimp and Plum Sauce – so quite the contrast of flavours and textures. Reportedly they have also offered a marsala fig sauce with pears and truffle oil pizza too!

6. Chilli Cheese Fritos Pizza

Yes, you read that correctly. Perhaps not surprisingly these toppings also originate from the U.S.A by spreading beef chilli over the pizza base, topped with onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and Fritos.

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7. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza

We think you can make an educated guess where this originates from. Why is it that a lot of crazy stuff originates from our American cousins? Mac ‘n’ Cheese is ceremoniously (or perhaps not) poured over a pizza base and baked.

8. Banana Curry Pizza

Meanwhile in Sweden, a new topping on pizza argument has sparked with Banana curry. The toppings include ham, curry powder, cheese, and bananas. We can only wonder at the length of experimenting this took to get it right! Although it would be worth a bet that the first person to suggest putting pineapple on pizza might well have been met with some adversity, and this is very much on a similar, sweet and savoury vibe!

9. Raspberry Mascarpone

Served cold with a lemon custard, doughy crust and raspberry topping, this dessert can be a tart but delicious treat, with a cold baked pizza dough to serve as delicious pastry. We like to end things on a sweet note!

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10. Cookies ‘n’ Creme Pizza

On the subject of something sweet, why not try a dessert pizza? It’s not as crazy as it sounds, and is actually quite a popular creation of a lot of our customers.

Cookies n Creme is made from a cookie n creme biscuit (or cookie!), topped with cream cheese frosting, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips and white chocolate. Sound rich, but we bet it’s good…!

If we’ve inspired you to try any of these weird and wonderful toppings and you are looking for a new pizza oven to try these out in, we’re always happy to help. Visit our showroom in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, see our online shop or contact us on 01423 608648.

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