Looking after your pizza oven

All our pizza ovens are built so that they require very little maintenance, in fact, so long as you clean out the coals once they are cold, and keep the oven in a protected area (a garage or shed is ideal) during winter, you will need to do very little else.

We recommend that you purchase a bespoke weather cover for your oven, so that it is protected from the elements when not in use….see our accessories section for more details.

In winter, it is advisable to bring your pizza oven inside, either into a garage or a shed, so that it is protected from very cold extremes in temperature. Because our ovens are all easy to move around your garden, this is a very simple task. If you do leave your pizza oven outside throughout the winter, it should be covered up and preferably insulated to protect it, however you need to be aware that the oven is susceptable to frost and could be damaged in cold weather if not correctly protected. It is, however perfectly ok to use your pizza oven at any time of year and in any weather (although we do suggest that you avoid very strong winds for obvious reasons).

To maintain your pizza oven, we advise that you clear out any old embers from the oven once it has cooled down, so that the cooking area of the oven remains as clean as possible. See our accessories section for more information.