Why buy a pizza oven?

Here are 10 great reasons why having a pizza oven in your garden is really great idea.

  1. Everybody loves a fresh stone baked pizza!
  2. You can make your barbeque a really memorable event
  3. If you’re clever, you can even get your guests to make their own pizzas
  4. The oven is mobile so you can cook pizzas anywhere!
  5. The oven needs no installation, so it’s easy to get cooking!
  6. The oven is as cheap as an average barbeque, so most people can afford one!
  7. It turns your outdoor entertaining into a fantastic experience.
  8. You can wow your friends with your cooking skills – all you really need to do is make the dough, and that’s easy!!(see our recipes page)
  9. You can cook allsorts on your pizza oven – if it can be baked, then you can use your oven! Heat up your camembert, cook your bbq ribs, bake a lasagne or cannelloni etc etc
  10. It’s a really cheap way to feed lots of people. Just make some dough and chop up a few basic ingredients and you’ll be able to feed delicious stone baked pizzas to all of your friends and family.