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5 Things Children Will Learn from Making Pizza

When it comes to educating your child, we all know many kids learn differently. Whether it’s visual learning, reading specific recipes or working with their hands. Making pizza has options to stimulate any child. We also know what a struggle choosing what to have for tea can be. Especially when one child wants burgers and the other is a vegetarian. That’s why making pizza for tea can not only be an excellent learning opportunity but help meet the various demands of our mini me’s.

Here’s 5 things children will learn from making pizza and having fun doing it.

1. Maths

Supporting your kids at school has never been easier with making pizza. You can teach your children how to weigh out ingredients, teaching them how to use grams or ounces. You can teach younger children basic division by encouraging them to think about how many slices each person might need or to make it easy to eat.

Another added benefit for younger children is it teaches them patience and how to follow set instructions by sticking to a recipe and seeing the results! Thankfully if you’re using one of our pizza ovens, it could be ready in as little as 60 seconds. Helping to retain your kid’s attention span!

2. Creativity

Whilst making pizza may follow a set recipe, or at least when it comes to making, proofing and rolling out the dough, you have the option to give your kids control when it comes to the toppings! You can entertain them by challenging them to make a themed pizza, the best smiley face or the most colourful. This is a great opportunity for kids to try new toppings and bring out their creative side which is an important and versatile skill for them to carry into adulthood. What’s more, children of any age can be encouraged to be creative.

You can strap your baby into a high chair while they watch and munch on toppings. Smaller children to preteens can benefit from rolling their sleeves up and getting mucky by rolling the dough, spreading the sauce or sprinkling the cheese. Even your moodier teenagers can be found smiling by securing that precious bonding time as they come and help you in the kitchen.

3. Culinary skills (or at least one recipe!)

Fuelling your children’s creativity will help them develop important life skills. If they enjoy making pizza with you, then they will be a lot more receptive to any other dishes you suggest making together. This means when it eventually comes time for them to fly the nest, you can rest assured knowing they know how to cook at least one freshly prepared meal! When it comes to placing the toppings, you can explain the importance of eating certain toppings in moderation and why it is important to have a healthy balanced diet.

What’s more – if you make pizza using our pizza ovens then you’ll know there is so much more that you can cook inside them! Make the most out of succulently juicy roasted meats, fresh chargrilled vegetables or fish, even desserts in our range of pizza ovens!

4. Science and hygiene

When your pizza is ready and in the pizza oven, this gives you the perfect opportunity to teach them about cleanliness and why it is important to clean down the working surfaces and any utensils used to remove any potential bacteria. As you’re making the pizza you can also explain why it’s so important for raw meats to be kept separate from cooked, or away from dairy, raw fish or other ingredients that can be cross contaminated.

For smaller kids, watching as the dough rises in the oven or as the cheese melts teaches them the basis for chemical reactions and how different ingredients interact with each other.

5. Cultural appreciation and history

If sitting and eating delicious, freshly baked pizzas with our pizza ovens isn’t enough of a way to bond, why not educate your children about the culture and history behind the pizzas? You can stimulate their interest in other countries by talking about how the Hawaiian pizza was transported from Naples to the United States, the origins of Neapolitan and Sicilian pizzas, or even where sauces or toppings come from.

Not to worry if you’re not brushed up on your pizza history, here are some articles covering Italy’s regional pizzas and the origins of the Hawaiian pizza to get you started.

Of course the most important thing out of all of these benefits to teaching your kids how to make pizza, is how to be confident and build their self-esteem. You too can be confident in the quality of our pizza ovens and the variety of options available. We’re dedicated to delivering pizza ovens at an affordable price, so you can make having your pizza oven dream a reality even sooner with our split payments and 0% Interest Free Credit on our larger models.

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