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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Pizza Obsessed Dads!

If you’re here looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, you already know your Dad is a Pizza Aficionado. Or at least, he wants to be! Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to give back and celebrate everything our Dad’s do for us. So, if your Dad loves Pizza, we’re here to help. Here are our unique Father’s Day gift ideas to make his day and make his pizza crafting experience all that much better! Plus, not only that, but you get to benefit from the increase in his pizza making game!

Here at The Pizza Oven Shop we have a site wide Father’s Day 5% discount across the store (excluding Ooni Koda 16, Ooni Karu 16, e-gift cards, and Gozney existing promotions). So now really is the best time to treat your Dad, and save a few pennies in the process! Below are some fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas.

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1. Gozney Dome with Free Gozney Placement Peel & Dome Cover
Gozney Dome dual fuel outdoor garden pizza oven

Let’s start with the big one shall we?! This offer is not to be missed as for a limited time when you buy a Gozney Dome, you’ll receive a free Gozney Placement Peel and Dome Cover, worth a combined £154! The Gozney Dome is a dual fuel pizza oven which is both stylish and versatile. Making even beginners look like professional chefs!

The Dome boasts a built in digital thermometer, insulated floor and innovative air system to regulate the airflow travelling under the wood fire. Not only that, the Gozney Dome is plenty large enough to cook a 16” pizza in just 60 seconds. As well as being able to cook roast meats, fish, casseroles and bake bread!

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2. Get 20% off Gozney Roccbox & Selected Accessories
Gozney Roccbox portable gas pizza oven

If your dad is a Gozney fan but would also want the freedom to be able to take the pizza oven on his travels, then the Gozney Roccbox is the Pizza Oven of choice. We have an amazing 20% off the Gozney Roccbox and selected accessories.

The Roccbox is the perfect pizza oven for Dad’s that love to explore the great outdoors. Being fully portable means he can take it on those family camping holidays, to the beach, or even round to his mates houses!

Just like the Gozney Dome, you have a choice of Gas or Wood fuel, depending on whether the ease and convenience of gas, or the truly authentic taste of wood fired pizza is a priority. It’s supplied with a gas burner as standard, but a wood burner accessory can be added with ease.

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3. 5% off Pizza Peels
Igneus Pro 12 inch pizza peel - igneus wood fired pizza ovens uk - pizza oven accessories tools

A pizza peel is an essential, functional tool for transferring pizzas in and out of the oven. It’s more than just a tool however. It’s the one piece of equipment that will make your Dad want to don his Chef Whites and hat and serve perfectly charred crust pizzas with a warm moist filling in style.

You can opt for a high-quality, durable peel made of wood or stainless steel. Consider one with a long handle for safety and ease of use, but also for the flair your Dad will be able to serve up Pizza’s with.

We always recommend a launching peel as well as a turning/spinning peel. Especially if you’ve got a smaller portable pizza oven as turning the pizza can often be tricky.

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4. 5% off Infrared Digital Thermometer
Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer

You could also opt for an Infrared Digital Thermometer. It can detect temperatures between -50° to 750°. As an Infrared Digital Thermometer, the gun will point out a laser to pinpoint the area you want to measure. So be prepared for some epic gun fights with your Dad.

On a serious note, ensuring the stone and oven has reached the optimum temperature for cooking pizza is a critical element to achieving the perfect crust and base. The infrared thermometer makes this fool proof.

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5. 5% off Pizza Cutter
Igneus Pro Rocker Pizza Cutter

Upgrade your dad’s pizza cutting experience with a professional-grade pizza cutter. Look for a sharp and sturdy cutter with a comfortable grip. Consider options with a rocking blade for effortless slicing or a wheel cutter for precise and clean cuts. It will also help your Dad feel like an absolute boss as he rocks that pizza cutter back and forth with a sharp precise blade.

The Igneus Pizza Rocker Cutter is currently on sale at just £8.50 making it the perfect gift, as well as affordable.

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6. 5% off Wax Look Denim Apron
Wax Look Demin Apron

Our Wax Look Denim Aprons are sure to impress your Dad, or as he hopes, his family, friends and guests! The Apron is 100% cotton denim with an acrylic coating, which is perfect if your Dad has a habit of covering his clothes in flour when making Pizza.

It can be washed at 60° on a domestic wash and is 86cm long x 72cm wide with 100cm long ties. If your Dad loves his accessories, he’ll also be sure to love the brace style neckband buckle and patch pocket for holding cloths.

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7. 5% off Cast Iron Pan Sets
Igneus cast iron pans - Igneus wood fired pizza ovens

You’ll definitely need one of our Wax Look Denim Aprons for this one if your Dad likes to make a mess. Our cast iron pan sets are designed for you to be able to cook so much more than pizza in our pizza ovens!

This 3 pan set features a large casserole dish for pot roasts, curries, casseroles together with a lid that can be used as a frying pan for eggs, pancakes and omelettes! It also features a large ridged skillet pan for steaks, burgers, fish and vegetables for crisp perfection.

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8. 5% off Igneus Elite 120cm Accessory Bundle
Igneus Elite Accessory Bundle 120cm

If you’re not sure what your Dad would like, you can always play it safe with the Igneus Elite 120cm accessory bundle. This includes a 14” Pizza Peel and 120cm Pizza Spinner so he can serve Pizza in style as well as a 120cm brush and rake to make his clean down time so

much quicker. No more having to convince Dad to fire up his Pizza Oven because he doesn’t want to do the cleaning! Choose from either stainless steel or anodised aluminium from our bundles.

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9. Igneus Pro Fixing System

Does your Dad love tinkering around and starting new household projects? The Igneus Pro Fixing System comes in two sizes, the Pro 600 and the Pro 750. This is specifically for Igneus Pizza Ovens so make sure you know which Pizza Oven your Dad has prior to ordering.

It can be perfect for giving your Dad his latest project in finding a spot around the house, a van or trailer to give his Pizza Oven a permanent home. Simply screw the two bars in place onto a surface!

The oven then sits on the two bars and can be screwed into them, which is perfect if you and your Dad like going away on trips.

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Luckily, we have the option for you. Give your Dad a gift card! He can choose what he wants for Father’s day with limits ranging from £10.00 – £1,500.00. Simply select this option and the amount you want to choose, and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide.

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