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Best Vegan Cheese to use on your pizza

Okay, so it’s hard to escape the fact that one of the best things about pizza is the “mozzarella cheese pull.” Needless to say, enjoying pizza shouldn’t be a pleasure reserved only for those who can or choose to eat cheese! Here at the Pizza Oven Shop, we firmly believe that pizza should be accessible to everyone, whether you’re a vegan for health, environmental, or ethical reasons. We don’t think anyone should endure substandard pizza due to poor-quality cheese!

A few years ago, vegan cheese had a rather poor reputation for being subpar in both taste and texture. The good news is that vegan cheese has come a long way in both aspects. They are now even more readily available on supermarket shelves as more and more people make the switch to veganism.

Melting / Stretching

The melting and stretching properties of vegan cheese has always been a bugbear. Some vegan cheeses may not melt as well or have the same stretchiness as dairy-based cheese. This can impact their performance in certain dishes like pizza. Where meltability and stretch are obviously desirable qualities! However, there are a couple of vegan cheeses on the market that do achieve the coveted cheese pull which we’ll go into more detail about.

One thing we’d recommend is to try not to focus too much on texture, especially when it comes to using vegan cheese on pizza. Where vegan cheese has made massive strides in recent years is in the taste. The vast array of products on the market today are a world away from even 5 years ago. The reason why they often don’t hit the same spot in terms of texture is down to the ingredients that they’re made from.

What is vegan cheese made from?

The exact ingredients of vegan cheese can vary depending on the brand or recipe. Here are some common ingredients that are used by the key players.

1. Plant Milk

Plant-based milk often forms the base of vegan cheese, such as soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. These milks contribute the liquid component and play a role in creating the texture associated with cheese.

2. Plant-Based Fats

To replicate the richness and mouthfeel of dairy cheese, vegan cheese needs some form of fat. Commonly used plant-based fats include coconut oil, refined vegetable oils, or nuts and seeds (e.g., cashews or almonds). These fats play a crucial role in contributing to the creaminess and meltability of vegan cheese.

3. Flavourings and Seasonings

To give vegan cheese its characteristic taste, producers add various flavourings and seasonings. Nutritional yeast is a common ingredient that imparts a cheesy, umami flavour. Additionally, ingredients such as garlic powder, onion powder, mustard, miso paste, herbs, or spices can be used to enhance the flavour profile.

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Green Vie Mozzarella

We’ll kick off with this one as it’s the best for meltability, a key characteristic of cheese for pizza! It’s also readily available, with a variety of online retailers and supermarkets stocking it.

Green Vie Mozzarella has a soft, creamy texture, with a nutty, rich and buttery taste which holds its shape when raw, but also melts well and becomes stringy when in the right temperature window. Definitely one to try if what you’re looking for is to recreate the famous mozzarella cheese pull.

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Photo credit: Kinda Co.

Kinda Co. Mozarellie

Okay, this one throws a bit of a curveball as it comes in a jar! The producers actively market this cheese as ideal for pizza: “Mild, creamy, and made for melting! This cashew-based mozzarella-style cheese is perfect for topping pizza.”

The taste is quite mild, complementing rather than overpowering the other toppings on the pizza. It’s easy to use; you essentially spoon it out and place it directly onto the pizza, similar to the texture of hummus when cooked.

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Photo credit: I am nut ok

I Am Nut Ok: Bluffalo Notzarella

This one earns the prize for the best name! Moreover, it tastes pretty damn good too! It has a mild and creamy flavor, just like real mozzarella, and it has received rave reviews, especially regarding its meltability.

Win! It emits a distinctive coconut smell when uncooked, originating from the coconut oil. Additionally, it is packaged in a plastic-free, compostable, vacuum-sealed pouch, making it even better for the planet!

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We truly hope you enjoyed our exploration of all things vegan cheese. Pizza is an all-inclusive food that brings people together and can be enjoyed by everyone. These products certainly contribute significantly to making pizza a fantastic option for vegans everywhere!

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